Morrissey subject of Convince Me To Like This Band podcast ("Super Fan" Jose Maldonado vs. "Hater" Andrew Novick (ex-Warlock Pinchers)

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Moz Super Fan attempts to (and kinda, sorta does) convince a Hater!

I work on a music podcast and the latest episode is about Morrissey. It should be available on all podcast platforms but here is a link...
and here is a blurb....
Extreme Morrissey "Super Fan," Jose Maldonado (known all over the internet as The Mexican Morrissey), discusses his obsession with The Moz and defends the former Smiths frontman against the charges of intolerable pretension, tawdry melodrama, artistic stagnation and offensive political stances, all of which have been leveled by Morrissey "Hater" Andrew Novick, who, while in the 1980's brat-punk band Warlock Pinchers, penned the brutish and comedic song, “Morrissey Rides A Cockhorse”.

WOULD LOVE TO READ YOUR COMMENTS, if you care to listen and chat...

IANADOAC 2nd week UK charts

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I Am Not A Dog On A Chain has dropped from #3 in its first week in the Top 100 Albums to out in its second week.

Dropped from #1 to #16 in the Official Physical Albums Chart Top 100
Dropped from #1 to #8 in the Official Independent Albums Chart Top 50
Dropped from #2 to #26 in the Official Vinyl Albums Chart Top 40

Related item:

IANADOAC international charts - Spain #7, Portugal #12, Germany #13, Austria #32, Italy #89, France #117

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The album entered the Portuguese chart at number 12, according to this:

(My Portuguese is non-existent, so apologies if this is some kind of bullshit "not real sales" kind of chart.)

Posted by Morrissey Isn’t Very Good:

Remember Morrissey said he was number 1 in Poland, even though he was showing the daily chart of a record shop in Poland and not the official Polish Album Chart? Well, shock of shocks, he didn’t make the top 50.

He’s in the official French Album Chart! New entry at 117.

Number 13 in Germany. That’s a lot better.

Number 7 in Spain. He’s getting there!

Number 89 in his beloved Italy...

Morrissey was right by Lushington D. Brady - The BFD

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Morrissey and Jobriath: Telegraph 01/04/2020

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Lots of interesting Morrissey mentions here: the career and sad early demise of Jobriath, and Morrissey's own personal link to his story. Pasted in full as it's behind a paywall.

David Bowie's arch enemy: the sad, strange saga of Jobriath - The Telegraph
Bowie and Bolan stole his act, and his manager thought he could be bigger than Elvis. Then why did “rock’s truest fairy” die in obscurity?

By Ed Power 1 April 2020 • 10:44am


Jobriath performing on the TV show MIdnight Special, in 1974 Credit: getty

Early in 1992, Morrissey set about organising a tour in support of his latest solo record, Your Arsenal. The album was something of a...

New Morrissey song played on BBC radio (with disclaimer) + Morrissey ridiculed on BBC R4 show

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Long-term Morrissey/Smiths fan indie DJ (and TV bloke from the 80s), Gary Crowley, played River Clean on his BBC Radio London show a couple of nights ago. Said "I love this track" and was alerted to it by a couple of people (implying he hadn't bothered with the album). At the end he said (paraphrase) "that's a great track... if you can ignore all the other stuff about him".
Radio 4 comedy show tonight 6:30pm - comedian talked about how we breathe in billions of atoms in our lives. Probably the same ones that made up Oscar Wilde and Adolf Hitler - "that would explain Morrissey" (cue the biggest laugh of the evening).
That's where we are folks in 2020. Morrissey has become a cultural byword for the far right and racism. And when presenters do dare to play his latest songs, they apparently need to issue a disclaimer. Bit odd to think that some people claim he's turned a corner...

Ricky Gervais, Robbie Williams sing Smiths/Morrissey in live broadcasts

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(originally posted in Strange/unexpected Moz references?)

Ricky Gervais opens a live FB broadcast with The Smiths (very brief):

April 1:

Robbie Williams via an IG live broadcast (March 31) he's calling Coronaoke - he 'sings' Suedehead. Chopped out of the hour long broadcast by myself - it's not really worth the waiting to upload it all to vimeo - so just the relevant part:


Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before: A Study in the Politics and Aesthetics of English Misery by Owen Hatherley - Verso

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Middle class Marxist 30-something and his attempt to understand M.

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