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    But Cornelius you have lots to say in words as well as GIFS. I agree with you also. Morrissey probably has past it. I don't know why I bother.
    Bonnie Langford is terrible. aghhh! you just want to slap her for the terrible acting! :(
    ahh Pertwee, they're recolouring old black and white episodes. I think one is called "Mind Of Evil" the other "Ambassadors Of Death". I know that I'm buying Death To The Daleks in June, that'll be my last Pertwee buy.
    Oh yeah I bought "Nightmare Of Eden" Tom Baker, the other's the WORST episode I've ever seen in my life. A Doctor Who fan made me buy it and it was the worst mistake ever. I sold it the next day for more than I bought it, which was a highlight I guess though! I've pre ordered Sylvestor McCoy's ACE boxset from ASDA for 12.99. If you like any of his stuff, I'd suggest to preorder it now because it's not going be that cheap for a long long time and I think it's a mistake ASDA's done.
    When you say motions of Morrissey, what do you mean? I find the man odd through and through.....I don't know how to take him. But I suppose that's what he wants though? He wants to remain mysterious and annoymous like Doctor Who!
    We all know YOR is a pile of trash. It doesn't mean a damn thing to anyone. I'm surprised he still plays some of the songs live!
    I don't think I'll ever see Morrissey live. I'd just be expecting him to be 80s Morrissey, which he isn't now.
    didn't you want to see Morrissey gig in the past year Cornelius?
    So, for the writers to now suddenly keep focusing on the headlines of the day...I don't know, it seems desperate. But maybe I'm being unfair. Just seems like although there have always been nods to old headlines in the show, it's starting to kind of wear them on its sleeve. I just want the show to stay a focused drama that is character-driven rather than turn into a kitschy retro carnival...and that French dance scene -although fun to watch- was really dangerously close to going too far.

    But I agree, ANY Monkees reference would be beautiful.
    As for the pop culture references, I get what you're saying about how cool it is to hear the Stones and such namedropped; but it seems like it's happening a lot all at once. One thing I love about the show's first four seasons (all of which I watched within the last month for the first time; once I started I was transfixed) is that although the set design and chronological atmosphere were done flawlessly, the show's real attachment to the past was the way that the culture in general existed back then and how people acted and saw things...women being subservient, cigarettes still having a powerful urban charm, black maids, homosexual suppression, that kind of thing. It didn't need to keep throwing in pop culture references.
    I agree and disagree. I actually find Draper much more interesting as he was towards the end of last season...on the edge, going off the cliff, losing control, unable to focus. I suppose I just find that kind of person fascinating...that is, when it's juxtaposed against this same person having a great deal to lose or having some kind of external position of power or status that is at odds with one's personal demons. Showing Don as this happy, adjusted, even-keeled straight man who is at peace with himself and his life is not really working for me, so I hope he f***s things up soon.
    Really? How interesting. I call different hospitals around London every day at work. May I be a bit nosey and ask which hospital?
    Have a feeling it's gonna be a long week. But it's the last week I work 4 days, when I get back from holiday I'm gonna start working only 3 days.
    All is good here. Only 4 days left on work then I have 2 weeks holiday so all if good. How are you doing?
    Ugh, yeah. "Which amps did you use for this", "which type of strings do you use", "was X song in open tuning" etc etc zzzz.I can't imagine anything more boring than those types of questions. I'd rather know something totally mundane like his favourite breakfast cereal or shampoo, than something as boring as that!
    That IS very sensible, Corny :lbf:
    I can't think of anything to ask him that he would answer - or that he hasn't already been asked. I'd love to know if he's ever heard "Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together"...and what he really thinks of Morrissey's solo success.
    Daniel is silly. :lbf:

    No clue as far as villains go for Iron Man 3. Maybe there will be a clue at the end of The Avengers. Which you'll get to see a month before I will. :swear:
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