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    Lewiston 2 lawn tickets June 16th for sale - $60 for both

    Turns out I wont be able to make the drive down from Toronto to this show - I have 2 tickets which I can sell in person, or work out a deal with someone online ONLY from this forum. tickets are online and i am only looking to get ticket price back - they are listed at $30 USD each. please...
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    GA tickets - Niagara Falls Friday Oct 19th for sale - at cost

    the tickets have been sold. I don't know how to delete threads, or i would have deleted this one. I'm sure I will regret selling the tickets as well.
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    GA tickets - Niagara Falls Friday Oct 19th for sale - at cost

    I am located in Toronto, Ontario and it appears as though the person i was going to be attending the show with has cancelled on me, and doubt i will find another person to go with, so am wondering if there are any people in the GTA (greater toronto area) that may be looking for a pair of tickets...
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    "Studio in Session" recorded in July 2011 in-flight, on Canadian Super Channel

    Sorry I don't have the equipment/technology to upload this anywhere, but just finished watching this on super channel on demand here in Canada. The band are set up in temple lane studio, a small and apparently hot studio (at one point someone is fanning Morrissey with a towel to keep him...
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    vegas, who's going?

    Re: Vegas Meet-Up I'm up for meeting up :) Pre show perhaps at cosmo?
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    vegas, who's going?

    I did get a Hollywood hip room for the 3 of us going down to Vegas. hip hip
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    vegas, who's going?

    I ended up booking at Planet Hollywood cause the $100 price tag was about where i wanted to spend, without going to far from mid-strip and also hoping for a cleaner place to stay than Imperial Palace. I am also hopeful for a few different songs than were played on his European tour. I was...
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    vegas, who's going?

    I have a ticket, just need to figure out where to stay. Flying in from Toronto solo for the trip. Hopefully there will be other Moz type events. Any tips would be appreciated - where to stay, which clubs/bars would be good to go to as well.
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    1 ticket for Friday July 29th Dublin show

    Ticket has been sold. Thank you
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    1 ticket for Friday July 29th Dublin show

    To accomodate my travel itinerary, im selling my 1 ticket to the Friday July 29th Dublin show at cost 58 euro. Im going to saturday night show instead as this works out better for me in my travels abroad. Im located in Canada, so when i receive the ticket, I can make arrangements with...
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    dublin 29th july,vicar!

    So happy that I managed to get a ticket - I'm in Toronto, so that meant waking up at 3:45am to try my ticketmaster-luck and got one. It does mean that I'm going to be traveling from northern Ireland down to Dublin, then back up north the next day. I need some advice from my friendly Irish...
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    Article: Morrissey to play in Berlin (July 18), Vienna (July 21), Krakow (July 22), Warsaw (July 24)

    Anyone have any thoughts on whether they will add a second show in Dublin for the 30th? The venue isn't booked, but I'm wondering if he would play back to back shows considering it's a small venue. I happen to be in Ireland at the time, but will be far north (Cushendun) and was driving back to...
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    Buffalo Rollcall

    Hello Buffalo! im gonna be driving down from Toronto and am wondering if there is anywhere around the university that i could go for a drink before the show? any suggestions from those that live down there? thank you....
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    morrissey and sponge bob

    have you noticed that Morrissey and Sponge Bob both have the same number of letters in their names as well? Sponge Bob was also born in November? perhaps a spawned monster? :) btw - i dont agree with any of the previously mentioned comments about either Morrissey............. or...
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    Cleveland - 2 tix - 15th row face value

    TIckets have been sold.
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