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  1. baby j

    X-mas day death of George Michael - '83 video of George & Morrissey on talk show together

    I found this video of George Michael & Morrissey on British talk show, 8 Days a Week, critiquing Everything But The Girl's new album; the movie Break Dancing; a book on Joy Division; and 50's do-wop record reissues.. #GeorgeMichaelRIP
  2. baby j

    "Hooray!! Hooray!! The bullfighter dies!

    Found this picture on Facebook..
  3. baby j

    Steve Kilbey, of The Church, mentions Morrissey while making a joke about playing in a record store

    Morrissey joke gets a laugh during The Church's in-store appearance at Amoeba Music, in San Francisco, on February 25, 2015.
  4. baby j

    Patti Smith ill with flu

    I just read that Patti Smith is sick with the flu, but still managed to perform last night @ Carnegie Hall with her daughter to support Tibet. The most exciting part about finally getting to see Moz in LA for the 1st time, and on my...
  5. baby j

    What happenned to the 10/27 hammerstein show in nyc?

    does anyone know what happenned with the show @ the hammerstein on the 27th. ticketmaster no longer has tickets for sale to this show!!! has it been cancelled? i can't imagine it was the only show to sell-out. yesterday i noticed only the discount tickets were for sale. now, nothing is for...
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