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  1. dotmatrix522

    Morrissey Central Question

    I was wondering: is there a good way to search Moz Central? I don’t see that there’s a search function on the site, though I may have overlooked it. Thanks.
  2. dotmatrix522

    Morrissey to open NON-COMMvention (public radio convention) in Philly on May 14, 2019

    Hello, *I didn’t see this info listed elsewhere, but please combine threads if I missed it. On May 14, 2019 in Philadelphia, Morrissey is playing a showcase at Non-Comm, which is a convention for public radio folks- a 4-day gathering of public music radio programmers, radio talent, etc...
  3. dotmatrix522

    Signed List of the Lost

    I have a signed copy of List of the Lost purchased off Mporium in 2017. It’s new and unread. Make me a serious offer if interested. I’ll be happy to mail it worldwide. I thought I’d try selling it here first before going onto Ebay.
  4. dotmatrix522

    'This Is Morrissey' details - liner notes by Fiona Dodwell; vinyl release date Aug. 31, 2018

    I just got this email from Crash Records, apparently it’s on Cd too. Good morning Moz fans, As you know we like to keep you posted about new releases and there is a new Morrissey compilation coming out on CD and vinyl on Friday 6th July. It's a brand new compilation curated by the man himself...
  5. dotmatrix522

    Ennio Marchetto, Berlin- Morrissey Central

    Ennio Marchetto, Berlin - Morrissey Central May 25, 2018 “Last night’s Ennio Marchetto show at Tipi am Kanzleramt in Berlin was … well, words are not enough … genius, of course … unique, of course …. and very, very funny. Why don’t you find out for yourself? He plays tonight, tomorrow and...
  6. dotmatrix522

    Brand-new, green LIHS vinyl for sale cheap on eBay

    I’m not the seller, but thought I’d post it here in case someone was still wanting the green LIHS vinyl. This seller is selling them brand new for $7.58 with free shipping in the USA. I’m not sure how long the sale is good for! That’s a fraction of what I paid for it back in November at my...
  7. dotmatrix522

    NY Dolls 2004 Meltdown reunion show now on vinyl

    I was looking at some Moz vinyl on EBay and this was suggested to me in the search results. From the record label putting this out: In 2004, Morrissey invited legendary band New York Dolls to play a very special live show at the Meltdown Festival in London at Royal Festival Hall. 180 gram...
  8. dotmatrix522

    Morrissey to appear on Sale el Sol (Mexico TV, Imagen Televisión - March 15, 2018)

    UPDATE Mar. 15: Video link posted by Gaetano: Links posted by Famous when dead: Caos, playback y confusión en la presentación de Morrissey en tv mexicana - Publimetro Mexico. El show del cantante británico en el programa Sale el Sol no fue como se esperaba Google Translate to English...
  9. dotmatrix522

    BMG's Korda Marshall mentions Morrissey in question about taking risk

    Not too unexpected or strange at all, but there is a brief Moz mention in Music Week from last month’s issue in an interview with Korda Marshall. (It’s behind a paywall, but a great family friend who works in music publishing was kind enough to screenshot it for me!)
  10. dotmatrix522

    BMG's Korda Marshall on "Low In High School" first week sales

    My apologies if this already was posted here or in another thread. I thought this was a nice little blurb on the LIHS first-week sales that BMG posted, complete with an accolade by Korda himself: UK: Morrissey's Low In High School marks eleventh consecutive Top 10 UK album - BMG BMG UK 24 Nov...
  11. dotmatrix522

    Der Spiegel audio "to be released in the next days" - Juliane Liebert tweet

    Well the journalist who wrote the article tweeted a reply that the audio is going to be released "in the next days." :popcorn: Related items: Morrissey statement: "The Slander System" (via FB Morrissey Official) - Dec. 11, 2017 Juliane Liebert (Der Spiegel interviewer): "The recording [of...
  12. dotmatrix522

    sold=one seated ticket to Moz in San Antonio - 4/12/17

    Hello! I'm selling one paper ticket to the San Antonio, Texas Moz gig at the Tobin Center on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 8pm. This is real, hard copy ticket. There was no option for E-ticketing at this show. Seat location: Orchestra Right; Row YY; Seat 1 Priced to sell! Cost is below face...
  13. dotmatrix522

    "Meaty Morrissey" added to Garbage Pail Kids sticker set lineup

    1980's fad "Garbage Pail Kids" relaunch with a music-themed parody series, and guess who is one of the musicians they poke fun at? ;) Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Beck, Morrissey Parodied in Garbage Pail Kids Stickers - Pitchfork Guns N’ Roses, the Cure, Death Cab for Cutie, the Roots, more...
  14. dotmatrix522

    San Antonio Tickets on Sale Friday 8/5/2016

    San Antonio tickets are on-sale on Friday 8/5/2016 --> From the venue website: TICKETS ON-SALE FRIDAY, AUGUST 5TH AT 10AM GENERAL ADMISSION STANDING ROOM ONLY ON THE ORCHESTRA FLOOR: $49.50 ASSIGNED SEATING TICKETS: $59.50 and $69.50...
  15. dotmatrix522

    1/2 price Nashville ticket for sale - Row G $40

    Hi all, I have an extra Nashville ticket. I'd like to sell it quickly so I'm offering if for $40 cash, meeting in Nashville the day before or day of gig. (This is a savings of almost $60 from what I paid for it including fees.:eek:) Details: Morrissey Nashville, TN @ Grand Ole Opry...
  16. dotmatrix522

    1 Ticket (Row C) for the Grand Ole Opry show (July 2, 2015) for sale @ face value

    Hi, I'm selling a ticket for Moz's gig at the Grand Ole Opry House, Nashville, TN on Thu, Jul 2, 2015 08:30 PM Section MF-3 Row C Seat 1 ' I'll even waive the TM fees. Total cost is $100 even. Payment via PayPal only. It's an actual hard paper ticket. Free shipping via Priority with...
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