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    Anyone else gonna miss Curbs?

    He kept the HAMMERS in the Premiere, had no say in transfers and pulled the side into the top half last year. anyone?
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    is everyone gonna...

    avoid me like the plague????? fair enough but just say it. by the way... hope everyone is well enough. fniop
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    I miss the SoLow...........

    Yes, I hurt some folks without meaning to. Yes, I am truly sorry. Yes, I want to be accepted with no remorse. Please............. I am gentle and kind.....whether you believe it or not.
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    The Official Farewell Thread

    Much to many people's happiness. Farewell. I will see you in far-off places.
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    Holy Smokes! NRitH hits 8000 posts!!!!!

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! :clap::clap::clap: thanks for the laughs. :D i bought you a present.
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    The Official Audrey Tautou Admiration Thread

    A most wonderful creation. Those eyes could make a blind man see. Anyone else smitten?
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    The Peanut Butter Thread

    In light of recent discussions/debates I have decided to start this silly thread. Trivial I know. Which is your favourite? SKIPPY RULES! There is no comparison. :D
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    happy birthday......

    to our friend troubleluvsme........... on your day. happy happy sister. :clap:
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    Congrats Giants..

    Unitas still owns you though. seriously, congrats.
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    happy birthday.....

    edgar. the liquor was consumed once again. long live "the Raven".
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    Am I .......

    the only one awake with headphones on, listening to music, reading the threads, with two whiskeys in them? Probably.
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    Has anyone ever........

    sold off the rest of their music collection just to concentrate on all things Smiths/ Mozzer?? I have been seriously mulling it over. Regrets?
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    Has anyone seen......

    "Sweeney Todd"? My favorite actor again with one of my favorite directors. Time off to the cinema is very rare these days. Wanted to know if any of you folks have seen it and what you thought.
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    Moz @ DAR- day of the dead?

    Could any of you kind folks help me out? Is there any way of finding the DAR Constitution Hall show in DC from NOV. 2 2007?
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    Regarding the mis-print "Coma" sleeves

    Hello all- Regarding the mis-print "Girlfriend In a Coma" sleeves, I was wondering if anyone knows how many 12" greys and/or 7" greens are thought to be out there? A few years ago I was told a figure of approx. 300 7"s and 500 12"s. A 12" version resides in my collection- does anyone have a 7"...
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    Because We Must? Help please...

    I am hoping that someone could assisst me in understanding the genesis of "Because We Must". I have seen it many times in reference to Morrissey and cannot recall/ discover/ realize where it comes from. The obvious bet is that it resides within lyric but I have no idea how or why it has eluded...
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