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  1. Famous when dead

    Rumor Salle Pleyel, Paris - reported to not be happening. New online event scheduled for December.

    Via 'Sophie' on FB & Twitter: Note: currently marked as rumour until an official statement appears to confirm the December online event relates to any cancellation this April. FWD.
  2. Famous when dead

    For Britain YT: "We're proud to stand with Morrissey" (April 20, 2021)

    "We're proud to stand with Morrissey" Statement from AMW / For Britain re: Morrissey / Simpsons. I believe we're approaching the 5th layer of hell... FWD.
  3. Famous when dead

    Recent Morrissey sighting: Sunset Marquis (April 17, 2021)

    Via Jo, Jay & thanks to Dennis. @joe frady provided the direct link's information: Dennis Martinez taking his wife Tracie out to the Sunset Marquis for a birthday meal. Morrissey happened to be there {with Jesse, Damon Etc.} Regards, FWD
  4. Famous when dead

    Morrissey Central "LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY ? MAYBE IN THE NEXT WORLD …" (April 19, 2021) As shared here in the Strange thread via Jesse last Friday: FWD.
  5. Famous when dead

    Official Facebook Peter Katsis: Simpsons Responses (April 19, 2021)

    "Surprising what a “turn for the worst" the writing for The Simpson’s tv show has taken in recent years. Sadly, The Simpson’s show started out creating great insight into the modern cultural experience, but has since degenerated to trying to capitalize on cheap controversy and expounding on...
  6. Famous when dead

    "Panic On The Streets Of Springfield" - 720p / ~460mb

    For those who will be waiting, in some cases, months for this to air... S32, E19. 457mb / 720p Available via all the usual sites for this sort of thing, but made easier for you here. 100% clean, just the video file. Regards, FWD.
  7. Famous when dead

    Percussion Discussion: Chad Smith says "just finished a Morrissey album" - Iggy Pop guests on it (February 20, 2021)

    That came from left field. Chad states that Iggy Pop features on the Morrissey album also. Playing the above video should go to the right point. "The controversial Morrissey..." :) It would have gone in the 'Strange...' thread, but if it is the first mention of any new material - it should be...
  8. Famous when dead

    Debbie Mahan IG: new Simpson's art shared for "Panic On The Streets Of Springfield" episode (April 15, 2021)

    Debbie Mahan is an animator for the series. It appears her husband is helping with attention to detail. Looks worth a watch. So reminder: this Sunday, the 18th, S32 E19 will air Stateside and via related companies elsewhere. Regards, FWD. Update: Now a Central Post. Morrissey Central: "THE...
  9. Famous when dead

    Morrissey Central "Las Vegan Vegas." & "David Robert Steven Patrick" (April 8, 2021)

  10. Famous when dead

    Far Out: "The favourite films of Smiths-era Morrissey" (April 7, 2021)

    Excerpt: "Morrissey has made it rather hard to separate the art from the artist over the last couple of decades. The singer’s comments about the uber-nationalistic For Britain movement are the kind of shenanigans that would have repulsed Morrissey’s first incarnation, the one that provided a...
  11. Famous when dead

    Official Morrissey Central Instagram: Elizabeth Dwyer addressed envelope (April 7, 2021)

    Little context given. Pamela/PETA tagged. Regards, FWD. Stamps feature on PETA's site 2011 & 2013. TTY, in 2013, linked to the above:
  12. Famous when dead

    Morrissey Central "DEAR GOD, PLEASE HELP ME" (April 6, 2021)
  13. Famous when dead

    Book: "Morrissey Fandom, Representations And Identities" (PDF)

    Edited by Eoin Devereux, Aileen Dillane and Martin POWER. Preface by Len Brown. Blurb poached elsewhere: "An influential star of British pop for more than three decades, Morrissey is known for his outspoken and often controversial views on class, ethnicity, and sexuality. Among critics and...
  14. Famous when dead

    DrumWise Meets... Spike T. Smith (April 3, 2021)

    I've not had time to watch all of this. If anyone gets through it - feel free to let us know if there's anything Morrissey-related (Spike doesn't appear to go down 'memory lane' often regarding Morrissey - so it would be interesting). Regards, FWD.
  15. Famous when dead

    Morrissey Central "TROUBLE LOVES ME" (April 3, 2021)

    A selection of Trouble Loves Me cover videos (see link for full selection). One interesting choice amongst them perhaps? Regards, FWD.
  16. Famous when dead

    Mporium (UK & US): New items & 25% off (April 1, 2021) Via marketing email. "Offer excludes new lines" Regards, FWD.
  17. Famous when dead

    Morrissey Central Morrissey Central Instagram channel created (April 1, 2021)

    As first discussed in the Strange & Unexpected thread via @GirlAfraidWillNeverLearn, Morrissey Central now links to "official_morrissey_central" on Instagram. Although today's date might make people wary, it currently looks legit (Central itself opened in 2018 on April Fool's Day). Regards, FWD...
  18. Famous when dead

    Fiona Dodwell: "Ringleader in Reflection: A Look Back at Morrissey’s 2006 Album, Ringleader of The Tormentors" (March 31, 2021)

    Ringleader in Reflection: A Look Back at Morrissey’s 2006 Album, Ringleader of The Tormentors Regards, FWD. Related item: Morrissey Central: "Ringleader In Reflection" - March 31, 2021
  19. Famous when dead

    Far Out: "From The Smiths to The Strokes: The 10 greatest albums released by Rough Trade" (March 30, 2021)

    From The Smiths to The Strokes: The 10 greatest albums released by Rough Trade Far Out Magazine - By Joe Taysom Salient part: The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead The Queen Is Dead set the stall for what an album should be and, ever since, few have made a guitar album that can even be mentioned in...
  20. Famous when dead

    Shoplifters Of The World - Screener Rip

    This surfaced on torrent sites - presented here via WeTransfer so you don't have to mess about with torrents or dodgy websites. I'd recommend a player like VLC to best view. Hopefully useful for those who can't purchase or view due to regional restrictions. 1hr 30min / AVI / 1.43 gb...
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