1. crawleyrocket

    Moz is a doughnut! (Doughnut Time - Sydney, AUS)

    Having a stroll down King St, Newtown this afternoon on the lookout for Morrissey tour posters in the hope of getting one before they vanish, I was pleased see a few stores displaying them. Considering he's granted this city 'a moment to breathe' by not playing here, it did make my quest a...
  2. S

    2 Sydney Opera House 5/30 tickets for sale

    I have two tickets for Sydney for Saturday 5/30 Stalls Premium D23 & D24 (seating chart is here Tickets are "will call" at the box office for my name; I will contact the box office and ask them to release them...
  3. M

    2 x tickets for sale Sydney Opera House - Sat 30 May 2015

    I over did it on the ballot to avoid disappointment, and have 2 spare tickets. Selling at face value to true fans. Excellent tickets; Circle A Reserve, Row H. COST PRICE $137 - includes booking fees and insurance in case of cancellation. Will sell, so biggest fan who missed out must reply...
  4. M

    4 x Sydney Opera House tickets for sale - Wed 27 May 2015 - premium stalls

    As there was a ballot, a group of us entered it and were all successful so we have extra tickets. Selling at face value to true fans. WEDNESDAY 27 May 2015. Tickets are the best type: Stalls Premium row L. Cost price $169.00 plus small booking fee. Get in quickly as this was sold out in...
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