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Massive REM fan here. Earlier in the year I had two 2TB drives stolen from me, one with my U2 collection and one with all my REM stuff. Fans of both groups were kind beyond the ordinary in replacing as much as possible with me. Then, in October, a miracle happened and the guards recovered both drives, undamaged in a raid. Pure chance.

Anyway, reflective of the kindness shown all year, the shite year that it has been and of @gargumma's comments above, here are a few bits and pieces. I'll stick a few more up later. All sourced and lossless unless indicated. Nollaig shona.

2005-07-02 - Make Poverty History [UK, Sun SUNCD01]{WAV}
2003-09-06 - The Big Noise - Artists in Support of Make Trade Fair [UK, none]{WAV}
1997-10-14 - A Life Less Ordinary [EU, A&M 540 837-2]{WAV}
Thanks for the uploads ! I really like the 'Life Less Ordinary' version of 'Leave'.


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Hi friends...are Wild 65, great REM 's fan.
If possible to have link for download Michael Stipe Not Field Recording ?
Thanks in advance


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Is the final R.E.M. performance, live at Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin, July 2009 (after they finished recording Collapse Into Now) in circulation?


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Does anyone have a clue as to when a New Adventures in Hi-Fi reissue will come out? And what kind of bonus material would it likely have? I remember at the time being disappointed that the singles didn't have great B-sides (mostly live Monster tracks) and so I assume there isn't much lying around from those sessions.


NAIHF has more soundcheck recordings, rehearsals etc from the monster tour which are currently unreleased (at least two have leaked though).
There are the demos and early studio recordings, including instrumentals. An early stripped down live version of electrolite was released on a tibet compilation years, live at the 1996 tibet show. So they could release footage and audio from those concerts.
Pretty sure I read there was a fast version of how the west was won recorded, an extended zither jam and a song called runaway and lucky star. Plus there a was some covers recorded including stipe solo singing dancing barefoot, I will survive (although I think it was released as a fanclub single). Not sure what else was recorded? I still like the mastering of the record, so not sure how they could improve it.


Hi Brivs,

Forgive my ignorance but can you tell us what has been fixed on Monster Disc 3 please?

I edited the tracks in Adobe with a custom profile to reduce the horrendous treble hiss.
Give them a listen see what you think.
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