Is Coronavirus as serious as they say?



What's all this?
It is to do with football what they call "soccer" in the USA. ⚽️ We call it the "beautiful game" or the people's game here in Britain. It is very popular here the most popular sport. It is working-class and has many working-class supporters. The "big six" is the six big wealthy Premier league teams. Football has become very big business in recent years the players are no longer working-class lads from the local area. For instance I believe Liverpool Football Club only has one player who actually comes from Liverpool is a born and bred in Liverpool. They buy players from all over the world. There are female football teams as well. The male Premier league teams are where the big money is.


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I reckon mates. I reckon you lot know that Ted Nugent is really Brittish and from Mankchaster. I reckon he just lets Americans post things about him on the internet because he played in a band in the USA for 2 1/2 years so all the Americans think he is American and will buy things from his online store and when he tours America every 5 years all the Yanks will go to his concert. I reckon I have heard he is releasing a new album called "Brittin Son" this year. I reckon I have heard that he was a kickball player in high school at Mankchaster High and he played the position where you let the kickball hit you on the head. Sound familiar delusional sociopath dumbshits? Blood top mental inn nn n n nn nnn nnn it. Fark Arse. Colour.
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