Is Morrissey suffering domestic violence or suffering any abuse in his life?

Is Morrissey suffering domestic violence or suffering any sort of abuse in his life?

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Vegan Cro Spirit 444

not all the troll nutters are 'psychatrists' and 'punk rockers'
not all own the blue textile color in the UK. :)
or magenta in the US:crazy:

Here is Gorg Salmoon 'directing documentaries' from his "porridge room':


Proton Ron

So first you chide me for passing judgement on others, then...

Oh dear. As for the rest - well, I could try mocking a man for grieving his mother's death, for example, but Rifke has already done that.
In actuality, I didn't chide you for passing judgement on others. I questioned your attempt at making a mental health diagnosis when you lack the qualifications to do so. I did make the judgement that you lack the ability to state anything of wit or merit and you have proven me correct. I'm not a connoisseur of your brand of slosh.

John Paul

This Rifke character seems to have a lot of anger, resentment, bitterness and hatred for Morrissey.

I wonder what Rifke thinks of Project MK-Ultra the CIA's horrific mind control program and the speculation that the movie star Johnny Depp might be a victim of trauma-based mind control.
Who is Rifke?
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