Strange/unexpected Moz references?


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She said, “Yeah, but I want you to learn this song.” She gave me a copy of this Billie Eilish song called I Don’t Want to Be You anymore. And I listened to it and the song is so beautiful. It’s heavy. The lyrics are dark and it’s super heavy. Beautiful. And I said, “Who is this?” And she said, “Billie Eilish.” I said, “What’s her deal?” This is maybe like a year ago maybe.

I think she had released a bunch of songs or maybe EPs before but her LP, her album just came out not too long ago. But anyway, so then we went to go see her play and then we got to meet her and her family. And her family’s awesome. And they took Violet in because they understood her connection with Billie’s music.

And that was the thing when we went to go see Billie Eilish at The Wiltern it honestly it was you felt like you were a part of something that was just about to just explode. It’s the connection she has with her audience. She’s like Morrissey. It’s like the kids who are there at the show, and not just kids, the people that are there are just like they are so into the scene like that world.


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I agree - meat's repellant. I don't even think people really like the taste. I think they like the salt & the fat & you can get that from salt & olive oil.
My adoptive mother, when she lived, would use meat in every meal. At least fish. So the smell of meat, though I wouldn't eat it now, even, I think, if I were starving, the smell, I have a mixture of feelings about. I don't like what I know the smell means, but I guess there's residual wiring in me that associates the scent of meat with reassurance. I know meat is murder. I stopped eating it because of that gentle kind song Meat is Murder.
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