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    Morrissey Letters - Pre Smiths

    Some 'buzzards' make sure any such letters are kept off the open market and sent home.
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    Morrissey Letters - Pre Smiths

    How many letters are there? Are they originals or photocopies? Can you send a picture sample if I give you an email address?
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    News from TTY

    There was a more recent article that ranked the gigs.
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    News from TTY

    Second was Sigur Ros
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    The Man City thread
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    Angie Marr

    Hilarious. This man will never ever choose to have anything to do with the bass player and drummer from The Smiths ever again. Case closed. The Smiths, as we remember them, will never ever reform. Never. Ever. Can we all move on now?
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    2013 Prediction

    Crikey. Is it that time already?
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    Statement via TTY

    Statement 21 December -
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    End of tour statement by Mozzer
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    The new album...will it happen?

    As artists have to repay any advance out of sales I doubt money is a stumbling block. Unrealistic record company expectations such as insisting an established artist agrees to duet with a lesser known act on the same label can often be a problem. Also I believe Morrissey demands and deserves to...
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    Statement on NME Case by Morrissey on TrueToYou

    There was a twitter conversation with Jonze reported on here some months ago but I can't find it. Anyone help? QP?
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    Stone Roses reform

    Re: Stone Roses reform... Let's hope so. Majority view must be if anything only a Moz/ Marr collaboration could happen one day. Small chance of Rourke, no chance of Joyce. All we need is for Moz to have a great reason to do it. That's all (not much is it?). So send your suggestions in quick...
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