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    Cornershop tweet

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    Morrissey A-Z: "Best Friend on the Payroll"

    This version brings out the Bigmouth similarities in some of the guitar work.
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    Morrissey A-Z: "Glamorous Glue"

    I always thought 'the jar' referred to a jar of glue (hence the song title). On the first day sniffing glue, you have revelations such as the fact that 'everyone lies'.
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    Rockonteurs Podcast: Johnny Marr (Morrissey mentions - January 24, 2021)

    I've not listened, so maybe it comes up, but I wondered if Gary Kemp had seen this Johnny Marr quote: I can’t bear the thought of a Spandau Ballet-style comeback. What’s the point? Spandau are reforming, so they put on a big chicken-in-the-basket event, which is all they amounted to in the first...
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    Unreleased cover version?

    Just realised that 'The Secret of Music' was a title line on Morrissey Central for his overview of the UK/Mexico tour, in April 2018.
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    Unreleased cover version?

    Anybody have any idea about this, listed on BMI repertoire? A song called The Secret of Music, listing Morrissey as artist and...
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    5,751,133 people listen to Morrissey's lyrics every month on Spotify

    Your final figure would only be true if there was zero overlap between those who listen to the Smiths and those who listen to Morrissey, which seems unlikely.
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    FOR HISTORIC RECORD, BEFORE I DIE. - Morrissey Central

    Probably not the best timing for him to claim that the 10 most important albums ever are all by white people.
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    Andy Black (Black Veil Brides) shares his bizarre Morrissey story - NME

    What's this all about (if anything)?
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    "Wedding Bell Blues" w/Billie Joe Armstrong digital release, BBC Radio 2 first play (Apr. 8, 2019)

    I'm now wondering if 'William, It Was Really Nothing' was an answer song to the original of this all along. In 'Wedding Bell Blues' the singer wants Bill (short for William) to marry her. In the Smiths song, the singer urges William not to stay with the girl asking him to marry her.
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    Mporium: photo book call for submissions

    Give us your special life moments for free so that we can make cash out of them.
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    Manchester Digital Music Archive

    Apologies if this has been posted before. Lots of interesting images/articles.
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    Morrissey Central - Back on the Chain Gang digital DL available (Nov 3)

    The actual single has a little reggaeish intro that's dropped in the video.
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