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    "Low In High School" reviews (Scotsman, RS AU, Salford Star, triggerfish, SoundOfViolence, nordbuzz)

    Mr Agreeable seems smitten.
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    TTY: UNITED KING-DUMB - Fivers are Murder

    Nevermind the fiver....he really does need some new material.
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    Most played Smiths and Morrissey songs on UK Radio (recent month)

    BBC6 Music play shedloads of Moz/Smiths stuff at all times of the day.
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    TTY: The World Is Full of Crashing Bores - "The Truth About Popular Music" by Paul Joseph Watson

    I remember when Moz had some quality control, this bloke is just a bellend and without the internet we'd have been spared otherwise.
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    TTY: Public Enemy! - photomontage by Sam Esty Rayner

    He's always cited P.E as a big influence mind...hasn't he?
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    TTY: Public Enemy! - photomontage by Sam Esty Rayner

    Re: You are not going to believe the latest SER post on TTY. Really. You are not. Am I missing something here? A new program purchased maybe? Did Bowie really die? Has Morrissey turned into a big clock? Sounds like it.
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    TTY: San Francisco International Airport, part 2

    Indeed....such a bad taste in the mouth, don't get a record deal, just go....something I thought I would never say. Was a budgie ever found, found, found?
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    TTY: All The Fun Of The Circus

    I've always really admired his passion/stance on animal rights but sometimes he just really needs to shut up as his outburts are often cringe inducing . He basically now says the same generic things over and over again in interviews/statements like some worn out automated message. As in all...
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    Morrissey: criticisms of debut novel are 'an attack against me' - The Guardian

    A lowbrow from the comments section certainly isn't a fan, whilst however sounding a bit too well versed. "Morrissey's great tragedy is his complete lack of self awareness. This ageing whiny solipsist who went from inadequacy to bathos and back again, then spent his entire career wallowing in...
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    Joe Moss, the original manager of The Smiths has died at 72

    I'd like to think Morrissey would pay tribute but sadly if you dare criticise the man at any point then you've no chance, he's more for the yes types nowadays which is bizarre considering nature wise he's anthing but that ilk. R.I.P Joe Moss.
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    Your posts sound refreshing and funny.....thanks for that. Nice to meet you, Burt Reynolds. x

    Your posts sound refreshing and funny.....thanks for that. Nice to meet you, Burt Reynolds. x
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    Lloyd Cole's signed copy of 'Meat Is Murder'

    Posted on Lloyd's Bookface. His son pictured here with the aforementioned record.....he's a dead ringer for his pops. From Lloyd> "What is weird, with memory, for me anyway, is how people, places, scenarios, incidents can be lost, seemingly forever, and then with some magical trigger they are...
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    How Eric Cantona's infamous Kung-fu kick helped inspire "Soutpaw Grammar" - NME blog He (Cantona) references his love of The Smiths and Morrissey in this old interview.
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