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    Morrissey / Smiths vinyl reissues query

    Morrissey has for the time being ruined the Smiths' cool plus there just isn't anything new to include to make reissues tempting. PLUS the Smiths music being recorded in the 1980s will never be suited to the whole audiophile remastering box set experience.
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    Morrissey A-Z: "Dagenham Dave"

    Nowadays, there are too many examples of errors and misuses of language in Morrissey songs to even notice when they happen, but at the time his use of "window screen" instead of "windscreen" really stuck out. Terrible, clunky, stupid lyrics.
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    Los Angeles, CA - Microsoft Theater (Nov. 1, 2018) post-show

    That's actually a good setlist. I haven't been to any Morrissey shows for more than 10 years because I've been put off by the awful setlists. If he weren't such an awful old racist, I would consider buying a ticket.
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    2016 repress of "Bona Drag" 20th anniversary edition (vinyl, out February 26, 2016)

    I wish Morrissey would reissue proper vinyl versions of the original albums, with zero shitty demos tacked on and exact reproductions of the original sleeves. I would buy those. I have no interest whatsoever in these bastardised versions. You'd think he, being such a traditionalist would get...
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    "Kiss Me A Lot" official video directed by Sam Esty Rayner - TTY

    Hey BrummieBoy I've long admired your work and you're doing a great job on this thread. I do wonder whether your time is being best spent here, though perhaps you can dash off these long, humorous comments quite quickly - if so, I envy you. Anyway, I was wondering if you post on any other...
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    TTY: Music awards are none of your business

    This is unreadable rubbish. Why does he even care about the Brits? Why does he direct so much of his tedious, puny rage at the BBC? The Brits aren't even on BBC. As usual, they'll be shown on ITV.
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    Best Album Since VAUXHALL AND I?

    Ringleaders is the best of this bunch. I like the mix of beautiful production with slightly rough performances. I love the dodgy vocals of On The Streets I Ran, for instance. There's a real edginess to some of these songs. I do not like I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now or To Me You Are a Work of...
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    What are your ten favorite Morrissey songs of all-time (from his entire catalog) ?

    Alsatian Cousin Yes, I Am Blind You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side November Spawned A Monster Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday The Youngest Was The Most Loved Spring-Heeled Jim Sing Your Life World Peace Is None of Your Business
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    Miley Cyrus and her band do The Smiths

    I am a snob, and not only do I like this cover but I also thought her last album was one of the best of 2013. Her willful provocation should appeal to Morrissey fans. Go listen to the song "FU" - it's a terrific tune and funny/weird as hell. It doesn't sound remotely like anything Morrissey has...
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    Poll: Victim or Life's Adventurer?

    I think it's probably true that most people on a Morrissey forum in 2014 are victims rather than adventurers, as much as they might have wished it otherwise. I don't exclude myself from this, though I won't commemorate this fact with a vote.
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    What happened to Morrissey's voice between 1992 and 2004?

    I'm listening to Maladjusted right now, and I'm reminded that Morrissey went through a very long period in which his voice was quite different from what it had been and what it is now. It is noticeable even on Your Arsenal, but very pronounced on Vauxhall, Southpaw and Maladjusted, that he...
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    Surreptious (possible) knob references/gags by Morrissey

    That's a great discussion. It's interesting that the "only got two hands" line in What Difference Does It Make? seemed so troublesome, though. I've always thought that it made sense in a situation where a) someone has an interest in more than one kind of sexual arrangement (not enough hands to...
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    WPINOYB: Is the album growing on you?

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