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  • Hoorah! I assume you're somewhat of a veteran fan and have seen him before? This will be my first Moz show. I am too excited.
    Hi fran,
    just wondered why not all US dates are on sale today? I have no interst in byuing one but I wondered guys over there must be very nervous..since some sales have been announced so shortly for example for the UK ...cross fingers for you all!
    hi can you help me..i want to copy a dvd (moz bootleg) ,,i have the original (cant copy directly have to put the orginal in the tray get it onto the computer somehow put it out ,then put the balnk copy i have put the orginaldvd into the tray now the data appears on :d it has to be on the desktop so i can copy it right? i use nero

    thnks alot for help
    Franissey- just wanted to thank you so much for posting that blog. I was even more amazed when she mentioned Iris Murdoch- another favorite author of mine. On the blog I put my name (Colleen) and thoughts about DFW. I still can't believe it. Why I am taking this so hard is troubling.
    quite frankly? Only with a disgust face... I don't like those girls. I've made a Hugh Hefner one surrounded with playgirls...
    It's at the bottom of the main forum page along with all the names of people who are online. :)
    Hi Fran, thanks for making me your friend! :D Hope you're practicing some new Moz songs on your guitar! :guitar:
    Well, hello new friend! I wish I'd added you sooner! I love your threads and your comments. You're one year older than Moz!? I thought I was the shizz because I'm three years younger! :D
    It went great, it was really fun and we made £13.50, I recorded us playing some songs so hopefully I can work out how to get them on the internet.
    Don't hurry with the chords, I can wait :)
    I had no idea that it was only a British term! well there is some trendy lingo that you can use that no-one will understand! :p
    No matter what he said! You got to talk to Boz! :D
    It would be great if you could write them out for me, I'm thinking of going busking in Liverpool next week, I have never done it before!
    Thanks for the 'delightful' pic, I am truly honoured. Isn't that some sort of animal as opposed to an actual eyebrow though? Please advise. Living in London, I'm not too familiar with nature although I did see a tree the other it's not all pollution and crack dealers, you know!
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