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    Friday 15th October: an online Morrissey Special

    I'll be DJing a track from each of the Moz's albums this Friday on my Twitch account ( Tea time British time. You don't need an account to watch/listen. Farcebook event here: Viva Moz!
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    RIP Polly

    RIP Polly the dog. This cute canine was featured on this post with MORRISSEY:
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    Morrissey A-Z: "Munich Air Disaster 1958"

    Not for me. A waste of two minutes live when he could be playing 'Found Found Found'.
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    Judge John Weeks dead (April 2021),Judicial%20Governing%20Bencher%20in%201996. Excerpt: His Honour John Weeks QC It is with much regret that we report that Master Weeks (His Honour John Weeks QC) sadly died on the Easter...
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