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    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I KNOW, RIGHT?! It's just a terrible shame that April and I split the cost of those double face-value tickets. Oh so many favors were called in on that. Like, we had our Nextel push-to-talk direct with Tony-Vis (what we call Him) and he gave us this sweet deal on tix through his very own tout...
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    Greenvale, NY - Tilles Center for the Performing Arts (Jan. 9, 2013) post-show

    Re: Article: Greenvale, NY - Tilles Center for the Performing Arts (Jan. 9, 2013) pos
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    Tilles - Greenvale, LI ticket (Row C) for sale

    Have a single Row C Boz side ticket for sale. Looking for face value or best offer. Can meet at venue on Wednesday. Message me!
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    Anyone have Boston and/or RCMH pit for sale?

    Looking for 2 Boston and Radio City pit tickets if anyone has anything. PM me please!
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    New Stars song "The Wall" includes reference to "Hand In Glove"

    Stars are great, and they love Moz/Smiths a ton. I let Torque borrow my Mozapedia on their last tour and the rest of the band said he read it every single day. Nice folks, go see them if you can
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    Music Box

    That was me with the LP. I think the Valerie on here talked to me about it for a bit after the show.
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    LA tickets pre-sale!

    Try this direct link:
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    LA tickets pre-sale!

    Trade you a row A for a pit :) Didn't know pit was separate. Gonna try again..
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    LA tickets pre-sale!

    Anyone know anything about the golden voice presale today?
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    vegas, who's going?

    Both of you should say hello to me.
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    MOZ in Chicago - Whos going?

    Oh, I guess I'll go.
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    US Tour Dates out

    Aren't all the venues GA? I know Pomona last time had a difference in floor tickets and balcony, but how are the other venues?
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    the never heard symphonies redux 2010

    Or maybe it is working? It id downloading in the background, but said file was deleted from sendspace. Oh well, I'll never learn how to download
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    the never heard symphonies redux 2010

    I certainly wouldn't mind all of these being re-uploaded...
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    Life Is A Pigsty into How Soon Is Now Download

    Oh that's good. I kept searching for a Dear God into HSIN youtube a while back but couldn't find anything. Love the way it transitions into HSIN, you can just picture M wailing his body around on the drum stand. I should be going to England :straightface:
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