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    Morrissey Central "THE BOYS IN THE BAND" (July 19, 2021)

    Thought he was married to Boz for life? Glad to see Alain back though.
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    Morrissey Central "DENISE JOHNSON" (March 1, 2021)

    This is quite simply the best cover of all time. I weep with sadness and joy every time I hear it! Dare I say, better than the original????
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    Morrissey sells signed other peoples albums - NME, Louder Than War, Consequence of Sound

    And I'm sure he got permission from Patti & Iggy along with Reed's and Bowie's estates before he did this! This is just tacky and absurd.
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    Morrissey on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" (May 13, 2019) - reminder / reports

    I thought the song was a bit flat. Moz did look good though.
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    The Morrissey Shoe - Morrissey Central (16 April, 2019)

    I'd rather go barefoot than wear those seriously f'ugly shoes.
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    Culture in England, December 2018 - Morrissey Central (28th December)

    Can't we just substitute fox hunting with foxy boxing? Just sayin'
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    "And Goodbye To 2018" - Morrissey Central (December 27th)

    Bowie and Shelley aside (he bad-mouthed both but only recognized Shelley's death), I think Moz had a man-crush on Burt. Reynolds that is! Just look at the shirt-less wonder pic he selected. Should've went further and posted the bearskin rug photo but his animal-rights got the best of his...
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    Asunción, Paraguay concert (Dec. 5) cancelled due to food poisioning - @ABCEspectaculos

    Seem to recall they got food poisoning last time they were way down South America. If it's brown, don't drink it down!
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    Los Angeles, CA - Microsoft Theater (Nov. 1, 2018) post-show

    From the Twitter. Love that t-shirt!
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    Los Angeles, CA - Microsoft Theater (Nov. 1, 2018) post-show

    Wow, great setlist. Was the Moz Sugar Skull t-shirt available for purchase? Did Joan play, "I Hate myself for loving you"? If so, Moz should've played, "I'm hated for Loving";)
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    "Back On The Chain Gang" official video via Rolling Stone interview

    Yeah, it's a good song/video but it's retreading an old song that really doesn't excite me much. Hopefully, there's better covers on the horizon.
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    Interview: 'Photographing Morrissey: Kevin Cummins on Capturing an Icon' - The MALESTROM

    Love his photos and love this era of Moz. So young and innocent! Can't we just go back to 1993 and stay there forever with Moz? I reckon that it was the "peak" of Moz's quiff too! And his style too. Love those jeans, frilly shirts and Doc's. What a charmer!
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    LP (Laura Pergolizzi) and Morrissey photos (9 total); LP sings on two tracks - Morrissey Central

    She looks like the lovechild of Patti Smith and Johnny Thunders. In other words, Moz's wetdream come alive:rolleyes:
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