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    Johnny Marr at The Brits with Billie Eilish & Hans Zimmer

    Eilish will give her first live performance of the song at next week's Brit Awards, accompanied by composer Hans Zimmer and former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr...
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    Moz shows off his For Britain badge last night

    Overweight homosexual backs vile, racist non party for European / local UK elections from five star hotel in North America. Back on the shock and awe cycle, it`s almost like a new album is imminent.
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    Toronto, ON - Sony Centre For The Performing Arts (Apr. 27, 2019) post-show

    Thanks for the info`. I love The Never Played Symphonies, let`s hope he gets the full blown version on the setlist for the European dates I suspect will be announced any day now.
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    2 new t-shirts for the Canada dates at Mporium (UK)

    Now all he needs are some actual shows to sell them at. Tonight still going ahead is it?
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    New album 'Low in High-School' (Nov. 17, 2017) on Etienne Records / BMG; Hollywood Bowl (Nov. 10)

    Let`s hope it comes in at a trim 9 or 10 tracks. WPINOYB was let down by too much sub standard filler.
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    Morrissey letter to Tony Wilson: "...The Smiths need a manager" (1986) - Cerysmatic.Factory

    I don't think this was supposed to get out. Hunger for fame and fortune obviously made our man drop his guard temporarily.
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    Morrissey statement on Manchester Attack - Morrissey Official Facebook

    What a pile of shit, I also live in Bolton and you exaggerate beyond belief. Why? I don't care to know.
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    Sugar Land, TX - Smart Financial Centre (Apr. 14, 2017) post-show

    Thanks for the video link. The audience looked very well spaced out around the front of the stage, wonder if it was all about the way the venue allocated positions or a little undersold maybe? Perhaps the previous cancellations stopped some people travelling? Voice seemed fine from the `scope...
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    Mike Joyce teams up with Salford Lad's Club for new Morrissey T-shirt

    You`re averaging about 1 in 30 posts as mildly funny these days Benny. And that`s me being kind.
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    Mike Joyce teams up with Salford Lad's Club for new Morrissey T-shirt

    Wearing a T-shirt with an image of someone who has wished you dead IS desperate, or are we to assume it`s some kind of anti- Morrissey stance in the name of irony? The guy`s a f***wit. So is Morrissey these days but I`ve yet to see him wearing a Mike Joyce t-shirt so Joyce wins the f***wit of...
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    Mike Joyce teams up with Salford Lad's Club for new Morrissey T-shirt

    Mr Joyce must be getting some weird kicks out of wearing that. Can't help feeling it's all rather desperate on his part, good cause or not. Nice shirt though.
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    Morrissey demands his Jakarta concert be a meat-free zone - Coconuts Jakarta

    The governing body is the FA. The Football Asociation. We may have started the usage or invented the word soccer but I'm sure it's in use in relation to the American version of the sport. No one in England calls it soccer.
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