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    I'm really confused as to something

    Both sides are morons.
  2. R "How Morrissey Ruined Morrissey" (April 20, 2021)

    What a pile of vapid, wanky c***ery that article is, from an anti-intellect. "Morrissey is racist scum. There were traces of it 33 years ago on Viva Hate with Bengali In Platforms. I started listening to him in 2008. The album was 20 years old by that point. I knew all about it and didn't care...
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    I'm really confused as to something

    I used to be a big Smiths/Moz fan in the late 80s; dropped out after Kill Uncle. Dropped briefly back in for Years of Refusal, liked some of it; dropped back out. Still very occasionally listen to some songs and still love them. Over the years, I have heard occasional random media screams and...
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