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    What is currently your favorite television show(s)?

    It's been over for so long though. Guess Walking Dead out of this lot. Fear of Walking Dead I could never get into. Game of Thrones is SO popular everywhere.
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    Morrissey on BBC 6 Music Live 2017 (Oct. 2, 2017, Maida Vale, London) - reminder / reports

    For me Jacky was plain awful, I could've done without the bland cover of Chain Gang as well...still mixed feelings here as usual. J/S.
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    What does everyone think of the new songs?

    Got the same hit. I think this was the biggest standout upon first listen to the Maida Vale set. Shock for me how Spent is a grower as well. I can understand people moaning about his repetitive style though.
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    What does everyone think of the new songs?

    A few seemed okay. Impressed with one in particular, I need to listen again soon.
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    "The Queen Is Dead" - 2017 re-issue full track listings and details - SuperDeluxeEdition

    Same. But I opted only for CD box. Can't wait. The critics FINALLY got it right with TQID. I wish there were more visual treats though, that really is disappointing.
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    Morrissey - Live at Maida Vale

    ^^ Dunno if that's been posted yet...thankyou for this audio, quality is amazing! :)
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    Book of Condolence Thread

    Yeah I had my phases with Tom and the Heartbreakers for sure :(
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