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  • Hey, which were you in real life, I don't remember peoples so low names!
    internet me somewhere? facebook,myspace?!
    jasen hunt
    So how was Bowery? i am still recovering from a nasty cold i caught on Thursday night, i was about to buy a ticket (it was down to $120!!) but I felt so bad I knew I won't be able to stand it.
    I see that it's the same set list as NJ, that's a shame.
    Haha, my first digital camera was a Sony. I went to Panasonic a year ago and haven't looked back. If you're looking for a new camera, the TZ3 is the older version and may be less pricey. And it still features the video zoomin' in and out plus the 10x optical zoom.
    Hiya! I used a Panasonic TZ5 for all videos and photos at the show. Has 10x optical zoom, fits into my pocket, and takes HD videos. Love it!
    Cool so I might see you in line if I get ticket to Bowery, when do you plan to get there?
    Yes that meeting in Israel was so surreal.
    Yeah it was quite scary, always amaze me how people get so crazy in his shows, doesn't happen in the UK.
    I am definitely going to Webster, still debating re. Bowery but I will probably pay the $200, are you going?
    Hi sweetness or should I say Diane! :) COOL! You too will be at the HOB Boston show?! Hope we bump into each other sometime b4 the night is over! That'd be neat to meet ya! 1991!? I was a mere 12 yr old then and had never even heard of Moz or the Smiths so I feel like I got cheated out having not been introd to them til I was in my early 20s---age 23 to be exact! So are you going to be 40 this yr? Moz 50. Me 30. Oh dear! Now I feel old! Lucky you have the ACTUAL mag/Moz The Cat article. I only have the printouts pgs galore from solo but damn he's worth all those trees lol! :D I also have his May 04 SPIN cover FRAMED + an extra copy as I could never cut out/up that handsome face of his! Thanks for writing me back! :) Take care, Kar.
    Hi again! Oh! 4got to mention I have an SPCA alumnus white Turkish Angora mix cat of soon to be 15yrs named "Giorgio" + a Castor Mini Rex rabbit named "Andy" He's my baby and a b-day pressie for my 27th in 2006 :) Also recently adopted from the SPCA as well a baby Lionhead Dwarf rabbit named "Fuzz" cos he looks like a giant fuzzball, literally! Wish I could or knew how to i.e. have the tools to do so, upload pix of them! I love bunnies too!Oh, also how old are you? Just curious1 talk to ya later, Kar :)
    hello sweetness! Thanks for writing me back! VIVA MOZ/CAT LOVERS!! I loved that article he did for LA Weekly Jan 2007 titled "Moz The Cat"! One of my all-time faves! Sadly, since it's the ONLY show coming anywhere near my area I am only going to Moz's House Of Blues gig in Boston on March 29th a Sunday. I have to work that day + the next morning but there's nothing that could keep me from seeing SPM again! Not even the lack of a MOZ buddy to accompany me! So how long have you been a fan? I see you joined the forums Oct 1, 2007. I have been visiting this site for the last 6yrs since I 1st got into him and the Smiths but only bec 'official' last month! :O And whenever I get back online besides checking my e-mail on my yahoo acct which I also just got last Sep! this is the 1st place I go! :) It is very addictive and to think if Moz had his way, he'd have shut down this site ages ago! :O Anyways, thanks for writing me back! Take care, Karrie
    Thanks Swwwwweeeeeeetnesssssss! Ha! Ha! You're fast! Just so you know, I can only go online a couple x a week as I don't own my own computer (yeah pathetic I know! I may as well be living in the dark ages, huh? Moz is the ONLY reason I started going online 6 long yrs ago when I 1st bec a fan of him/theSmiths!) so I come to the library my only option :(. Just joined the forums a month ago too. Better late thannever I suppose! thanks for making me afriend! xxxKarrie
    hi! Just wanted to say I LOVE your sig "No outfit is complete w/o cat hair" ain't that the truth! I'm a cat tech at my local SPCA so I know all about that! I put in a friend request as well. I also love your screenname VERY clever Moz's b-day and the 1st line of "Bigmouth..." I'd love to add you to my friends list plz! :D We both comm w/ Di yet I haven't heard back form her in a while! I LOOOVVE her Moz photoshops so much so I joined flickr last Dec JUST so I could comment on them all = how I got into contact w/ her. Anyways, hope to hear back from you sometime! Take care, Karrie :)
    It works!!!! :D It was soooo good! I will definitely burn you a DVD, but I'm also going to see if I can figure out how to break this up into small enough parts to upload. I've never done that with video though so it might be harder than I think. :rolleyes:

    Enjoy the One Show. I CRACKED UP! :D I was proud of him for slightly freaking them out. :sweet:
    Hey! I JUST burned a copy from the smithstorrents file. I couldn't get it to play using VLC player but strangely the DVD seems to work. I'm going to watch it now (YAY! FINALLY!) and as long as it is in good shape I'll figure out how to upload it on sendspace. Or if that turns out to be beyond my abilities, I'll just burn you a copy and bring it to Boca Raton. ;) In any case cross your fingers that my DVD plays. :o
    Hi D--yes, I'm starting to get really nervous about the Kimmel taping!! I can't believe I'm going to see Morrissey in less than a week!!! EEKS!!! I won't be able to get to Hollywood until the early afternoon, so I don't think I'll be super close to the stage. :( I'm just hoping I can get close enough to see his beautiful face! I'm really excited! :D
    yea..whenever you download stuff from a torrent site, it may slow you down a little if it has a high percentage of download.
    I posted the Beacon Theatre show on smithstorrents..hope it brings back a lot of great memories..
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