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  • Diane! I didn't win the plane tickets--BOOO!!!! So I guess Boca is most likely out of the running right now...however, there is a possibility my friends and I still might do Boston (is the show sold out? I haven't even checked)! Anyway, all your finger/toe crossin' must've done something because I won a Lowes $100 gift card. Not really what I was hoping for, but it's better than nothing!!! :) Anyway, good luck selling that ticket! I hope you'll be able to touch Mozzy for me when you're in the first row!!! :sweet:
    *eeks!* You ARE going to Boston???!!! Really???? Are you going with your hubby? I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (!!) to go to that show!!! Plus, it's a HOB show and I told myself last year that I HAD to see Moz at a HOB since they are, generally, so small. Ohhhhhhhh...If I go to Boston, I'm sooooo going to have to hold up a sign that says, "Let me kiss you, it's my birthday!!" :D :p
    Hi Diane! So what's the deal with Boca? I don't even see that date showing up on Ticketmaster! :confused: Are you flying back to NY between the two FL shows that you're going to or just having a few days of vacation in between? :) I'd love to go...still thinking about what shows I want/can go to. It's so stressful!!! Are you going to buy tickets for Chicago?? Lemme know!!
    Hi Diane--oh no, I hope you are feeling a little better after your spill!!! We've been lucky out here to have a bout of really warm weather this last week. The only problem is that it's really dry, so my skin isn't very happy. Claudia2006 just asked me if I wanted to go to the Boca Raton show--you're going to all the FL shows, right? I might consider it since it's a Saturday show and it's SOON!!! I can't wait until the end of May to see Morrissey!!! I MISS HIM!!! :o Well, hope you have a great Monday, I'll talk to you soon! xox mell
    Well I think if I lived in NYC, I would feel the same as you--pay whatever is necessary to get those tickets!!! Since I'd have to fly to NYC and get a hotel, I'm feeling a little queasy about paying scalper prices. But we'll see. Bowery does sound like a dream come true. Ahh...guess we'll just have to try again tomorrow and see if we get lucky!! Good luck!!! :D
    AWWWWW, I'm sorry! I got nothing too. I only tried for Bowery tix, but nada!!! So far I haven't bought any US show tix. I really want to go to the Bowery, maybe the Chicago show and I would LOVE to go to the Boston HOB show (because it's on my bday!). Right now I might just end up going to the ABQ, New Mexico show because one of my friends said he would definitely go with me. Maybe it's best I lay off and save my money for the Manchester trip. :rolleyes: Man, this is stressful!
    Hi Diane--are you going to the Manchester shows in May? I think I am feeling about 80-90% sure that I'm going to go. :guitar: If you ARE, let me know! I think I will be bringing my friend Eduardo with me, but if you're interested in possibly sharing hotel rooms, etc, let's talk! :)
    Well I'm not 100% sure that I'll be able to make the Manchester shows, so I hope we'll get a chance to meet at one (or more :D) of the US shows!! I cannot WAIT!!!! I think my head might explode the day that the US dates are announced. :o
    :D eeks!!! Diane--maybe I'll be seeing you at Carnegie Hall too...we'll see!!!!
    Hi Diane, nice to hear from you again. Hope you are keeping well. I would love to go to Brixton if it happens. I will definetly try and go, I hope it's not too hard to get tickets. When do you go to see Oasis? I hope you like Ryan and the Cardinals. quite different from Moz musically but he is a killer songwriter, and he adores Morrissey. Hope you can put that new camera to good use and give it a workout before Morrissey next year (I'm hoping) Take care

    Yeah, I use the word logistics to make it sound more fancy! I'm an account manager for a large US shipping company. Not UPS, FedEx or DHL (rip) though. =)
    After a long 3 month wait, I actually have in my hands a beautiful copy of Meetings with Morrissey. Yay! There are still some new copies on Amazon under the "More Buying Choices - New & Used" link for about $20. I think I'm gonna like it - I'll let you know!
    Welcome back!!! How was your trip??
    Ah, the continuing saga of the book. I STILL don't have it! Last Friday I ordered it through a third party vendor on Amazon (under "other order options"). I paid extra for speedy shipping and STILL haven't received it. I better get it tomorrow! This has been such a pain, but its almost funny....well, it will be funnier once it is in my hands. I'll let you know when I (if i) actually get the thing.

    I can't wait for this new tour and album and all the goodies that will come with it. And we've missed you on the Frink! It has been kinda slow lately.

    I wonder what the Frinkiest photo of the year will be? ;)

    P.S. - I've warned the husband about attending multiple shows. Maybe that's why he still hasn't landed a new office job yet? (He's working from home for now, but we need the extra security of a real office. Plus he needs a paid secretary cause I'm getting sick of acting like one for no money). Little does he know I will sell things to get to these shows.....so he's trapped either way :D Bwa ha ha ha.
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