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    NME: "The Cure’s Robert Smith addresses “imaginary feud” with The Smiths" (June 14, 2021)

    I should read his autobiography, would get a better idea of what he's like then I suppose?
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    NME: "The Cure’s Robert Smith addresses “imaginary feud” with The Smiths" (June 14, 2021)

    Well I'm going on the things he posts on his site that I've read here. I don't like Paul Watson or the for Britain group though, I mean there are good points on all sides but feel like those types of people only make things worse. I haven't seen many recent interviews (don't think he's done...
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    NME: "The Cure’s Robert Smith addresses “imaginary feud” with The Smiths" (June 14, 2021)

    Have to agree that The albums since Wish have been pretty weak, the ones before it are mostly fantastic though and they've had some great songs since. Underneath the stars is my favourite from the (not very recent) most recent album. Hope the new music comes soon. Love both of them but Robert...
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    More Sparks on Morrissey (new interview video)

    Agree with other posters that Sparks are a great band as well, their recent album is very good :brows:
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    More Sparks on Morrissey (new interview video)

    The for Britain group are bad news I think, watched a few of their videos and the main woman as well as most of those who comment blame everything on muslims and praise Trump like he's a hero. I think if you follow these groups though and watch their stuff regularly it's probably easy to fall...
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    HMV UK exclusive: "Vauxhall And I" blue vinyl album released today (August 15, 2020)

    There seems to be a lot of people who use this forum solely to insult/attack Morrissey and his music, I mean what's with the RIP post on this page I don't see what people get out of it? The record looks nice though hope everyone who wants a copy manages to find one, it's a shame there's no way...
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    "Vauxhall & I" exclusive blue vinyl included in HMV’s Vinyl Week (in stores Aug. 15, 2020)

    Dont feel the need to own this, I like coloured vinyl but prefer it if the colour of the record matches or at least kind of works with the cover art (that probably sounds really lame) also the reissue from a few years ago sounds great to me. Hope that everyone who bought it is happy with their...
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    Ranking Moz’s lead singles

    1] You Have Killed Me 2] Suedehead 3] Alma Matters 4] The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get 5] I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris 6] Bobby, Don't You Think They Know 7] English Blood, Irish Heart 8] We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful 9] World Peace Is None Of Your Business 10]...
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    Ranking The Smiths' singles

    1- William it was really nothing 2- How soon is now 3- That joke isn't funny anymore 4- Bigmouth strikes again 5- Shoplifters of the world unite Like ranking things but my phone won't let me type so I think they'd be my top 5.
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    Morrissey Central RINGLEADER DELUXE ! (July 17, 2020)

    Looking forward to this reissue hope they improve the sound. This was the first album that got me into Morrissey and I still really like most of the songs, like the way he sings on the album too seems to really push his voice if that makes sense. Hope he doesn't change the tracklist too much but...
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    Rank the tracks on IANADOAC

    1- My hurling days are done - 8/10 2- Bobby don't you think they know - 8/10 3- Jim Jim falls - 8/10 4- Once I saw the river clean - 8/10 5- Love is on its way out - 7/10 6- Knockabout world - 7/10 7- I am not a dog on a chain - 6.5/10 8- What kind of people live in these houses 6/10 9- The...
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    Morrissey will never record another album?

    I think he will release more albums, he seems to enjoy making music and is still creative, the last album was good I thought. I don't agree with or support a lot of his views but don't think they necessarily make him a bad guy, right wing groups seem to attract angry people and Morrissey seems...
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    Viva Hate reaction

    The first time I heard Suedehead I thought it was brilliant, a lot of Smiths fans don't seem to have much interest in solo Morrissey stuff though so I'm not surprised by the meh reaction. Thanks for the link anyway it was something to watch :tiphat:
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    13 Morrissey studio albums ranking

    1- viva hate 2- years of refusal 3- you are the quarry 4- ringleader of the tormentors 5- Vauxhall and I 6- southpaw grammar 7- your arsenal 8- world peace is none of your business 9- I am not a dog on a chain 10- california son 11- maladjusted 12- low in high school 13- kill uncle Quite a...
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    10 best songs from the Joe Chiccarelli era

    Staircase at the University Kiss me a lot Julie in the weeds Jacky's only happy.. Israel Back on the chain gang It's over Jim Jim falls Bobby don't you think they know My hurling days are done Might change later but those are ten favourites, would take you are the quarry > swords over the last...
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