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  • Oh, I'm not Johnny Marr by a long way, I can play well enough.
    How about you and your ukelele? (did I spell that right...once you get into it you could just keep putting lelelele on the end :o)
    I'm not sure whether I would live alone or whether I would flat share, not yet anyway.
    Thanks for plugging them! :D
    Well, I've been working on a melody for 'Things aren't getting better', proper punk...only two chords G and E, but earlier i was thinking of using three barr chords instead, I'll try to write a tab of both versions for you sometime, see what you think.
    Yes, well, I can still stay on for a year at school, but I decided to move away to Glasgow instead, it's very dull where I live, too quiet and rural. I feel I need to move to the city soon.
    You sound like Bernard Black from Black Books, if you haven't seen it, look it up on youtube, although I presume you have. I think you would like it anyway.
    Oh, god knows really, I think being a poet or a singer would be quite a bit of fun.
    I just really want to BE, well until i don't want to be, and then i'll snuff it.
    Oh, it's pretty in here now! :D
    Yeah, I started that thread a couple of years ago, when I first joined, it's montrous in size ( and content...) ;)
    You should post more! You're very witty
    Oh, you have to upload a picture to your photo album, and then go to customize profile and there should be a button there.
    Good luck
    I don't speak any German at all, so, you're right in mine own eye.
    Yes, of course we are the most interestingly interesting people on earth, and anyone who contends that, is, well, just terribly dull. ;)
    Oh I am also a Morrisseyist, and an aethist, quite a gypsist too...oh, feminism, gay rights, bisexuality...not a vegetarianism though :o
    Oh, it's very good, I'm nearly finished it at the moment, be sure to pick it up if you ever find it. I think they were reading it on Radion 4 recently, with Johnny Vegas, sadly I missed it.
    So, apart from communism, what else do you preach?
    That's such a difficult question, well, I suppose I would have to say that The Picture Of Dorian Gray is my favourite, as every time I read it amazes me, but I also love Crime & Punishment, A Clockwork Orange, 1984 and essays such as Wilde's The Soul Of Man Under Socialism.
    Have you ever read 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists'?
    Yep, that would be me.
    I have a nasty pain in my gulliver (I've decided to talk like something out of A Clockwork Orange due to a conversation I had with the lovely Heather earlier, talking about books influencing one's personna directly after finising them. Have you experienced this?)
    Oh no, bloody over 18s! At least your be seeing him in Cork. I can't wait till I go see him in London, I might be staying there for an extra day so maybe I can stalk him too :p
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