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    Morrissey statement on French election posted on Gustavo's Facebook

    Brigitte bardot has been fined 5 times for being racist tho
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    'Morrissey, we're through' by Cameron Cook - article at Noisey

    yeah, but you are missing a big part of morrissey's comment. He said reggae is vile because i the glorification of black supremacy. That's why that comment is considered racist
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    Morrissey's Confessions: Interview with Rolling Stone México

    has anyone asked him if he has read johnny marr's book tho?
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    Morrissey's Confessions: Interview with Rolling Stone México

    i agree with you. However, i do think he's fame and popularity-driven tho. I think he cares a lot about being relevant. Just looks at the whole I'm Throwing My Arms around Paris mess
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    Gerard Way in familiar pose

    My Chemical Romance is an insult to music
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    TTY: New Morrissey T-shirt

    lmao this comment is gold :lbf:
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    TTY: New Morrissey T-shirt

    lol everybody knows that. Media and people are calling Morrissey racist because could've picked any other lyric as a tribute but he went for the color of his skin. Why does some moz fan don't understand this?
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    TTY: 100 Years - Kirk Douglas birthday wish

    rumor has it that Kirk Douglas raped Natalie Wood when she was very young :straightface:
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    Richard Hammond is Johnny Marr?

    young johnny marr= Robert De Niro back in the 70's old johnny marr= Pacino in Scarface
  10. T of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time - Consequence Of Sound

    yessssssss at Fiona Apple making the list! she's just the best. However, Serge Gainsbourg should be on that list, too
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    Richard Hammond is Johnny Marr?

    yes! i don't used twitter as much as i sued to, but people like to be sarcastic and make jokes like that just to get people mad. It gets boring very quickly tho ;)
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    Richard Hammond is Johnny Marr?

    i'm sorry but this post is dumb. Obviously the guy fro twitter is trying to troll and be funny. Tbh is not funny because they don't even look alike :straightface:
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