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  • hi
    thanks very much. with helping with viewing that youtube video..you arelovely !
    .btw it dont show when you search for wellmont or first of the gang or even under morrissey..its not listed after a search only ask+ this charming appear
    only if you click on your youtube prfoile(it doesnt appear outside your profile...is it okay for you when I namecheck yout youtube name so people can find it?
    Sistesheila and Viva, if you click on that photo I posted, it should bring you to a whole folder of Morrissey photos.
    can you help me please:
    concerning the "removed" wellmont video where viva hate is to be seen
    its the encore? i.e fotgtd?or?IBEH name of the uploader uploader..how do i find it ..
    thnks very much
    can you link me to a place you might host those moz photos from wellmont(i.e. flickr, photobucket, whatever)? Thanks!
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