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  • Extremely interesting, mein nouvelle freund! (I don't know what new is in German!) Perhaps TOO interesting, eh? Perhaps the most interesting in the bloody world!
    Morrisseyism, atheism (but, I don't force it upon people :p), punkism, veganism (although vegetarianism will do!), gypsyism... and all the et ceteras! And you?
    I haven't, although, I was looking for it on Amazon... wasn't there. Well, it wasn't there in the "buy from Amazon" part, they don't allow one to purchase from "Buy new and used" with a voucher!
    Yes, indeed I did, twas very welcome, my catholic auntie's round. Well, alright, if you want to get pedantic with me, COME ON MSN!!! :p
    I think gamma rays do thou!
    I went to liverpool last year. there is the john lennon statue where the caven club used to be and a statue of billy fury by the doc (i have a picture of me with billy). I liked liverpool a lot more then manchester....which just seemed like a gaint shopping centre really.
    I have another one someone else took as me actually smiling out side that place :o
    We stayed for about five minutes. yes, i can imagine it has rough it is a right dump :p no one was around, i suppose they were all going to the posh parts of greater manchester and robbing houses etc. :D
    your not invisible anymore:) went pass Abby Road on the bus the other day (Coming home from work)...the 189. always meaning to get off and get a picture done. Never get around to it.
    You know I trust you! Though it may well be misguided trust... Anyway, I HAVE to go to school now. Double geography *weeps* I shall blame you for my crappy coursework!
    We would have to trust you! Twill be difficult, but we'll try. Unless I tell my mum you're absolutely untrustworthy and I have to stay at home to supervise you. I'm always late for school, every time. Since you're up this, erm, late, I expect cheer up texts for break time!
    I'm getting ready for school, I'm supposed to leave in about 3 minutes, I've not even started with my uniform yet... oh well, I'm usually late anyway. Well, while you're here, my mum wants to know if you want to stay at mine on thursday night, after the gig, because it'll be easier for us both to get back to the same place. I've got school on the Friday, but you can lounge round and watch telly or something (if you get up before I get home ;-) ). I told you she was worried.
    Oh, I'm sure you would be! My mum's panicking about the logistics of getting us both home after the gigs, you can stay at mine after the crimea if you like, but I have to go to school the day after the dolls, so that's a bit more complicated. She's panicking generally, actually, reckons I'm going to bunk off with you (by the way, she thinks I'm a bad influence on you, not the other way round). I'm working up the courage to ask my dad for his debit card for the tickets, he usually sulks when I ask him for money. Where are you, anyway? Leaving me here, all lonely, with nobody to lead astray! ;-)
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