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    California Son #1 on Exclaim!'s worst albums of 2019 list

    Utter bollocks. It's a fine album. 'Lenny's Tune' and 'Some Say I Got Devil' are incredible recordings.
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    Grunge YT: "The Really Messed Up Truth About Morrissey" (December 26, 2019)

    Anyone claiming Morrissey was attempting to do anything other than make sex seem ridiculous in 'that scene' in List of the Lost is either wilfully or actually stupid.
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    What in your opinion is the darkest Morrissey song?

    Seasick Yet Still Docked. There's such a weight to that song. It's beautiful, but it's also a pocket full of rocks and a slow walk out into a deep river.
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    LP (Laura Pergolizzi) and Morrissey photos (9 total); LP sings on two tracks - Morrissey Central

    Morrissey is often at his best when praising others (e.g. the Victoria Wood paragraphs in Autobiography, his statements regarding Kirk Douglas, James Baldwin etc), so I was always looking forward to this record. Recent reports, however, have upped my anticipation significantly.
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    Choose one song from each solo album you'd like to have heard Johnny guest on

    Viva Hate | Break Up the Family Kill Uncle | The Harsh Truth of the Camera Eye Your Arsenal | We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful Vauxhall and I | Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning Southpaw Grammar | Reader Meet Author Maladjusted | Sorrow Will Come in the End You are the Quarry | All...
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    Songs Morrissey should cover

    A studio version of 'Trash' would be great. Also, 'Sad Boy' by Stevie Wonder and 'Time Will Pass You By' by Tobi Legend.
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    @BlondieOfficial - This guy stopped by our show in LA

    Halloway's body-shaming isn't negated by Morrissey's body-shaming. That's not how it works. Morrissey's body-shaming (very wrong though it indisputably is) does have the advantage of being amusingly phrased.
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    @BlondieOfficial - This guy stopped by our show in LA

    Glad to see, from your use of 'either', you've taken ownership of your prejudice. It's a start.
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    @BlondieOfficial - This guy stopped by our show in LA

    And you're still guilty of body-shaming. Doesn't matter who you're body-shaming or why. It's prejudice, plain and simple.
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