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  1. Pervomartovtsi

    where is the old guard?

    what became of the likely lads and ladies, I can't recognize names in this forum anymoar :(
  2. Pervomartovtsi

    I'm going to Bolivia

    for a bunch of weeks, to feel the fresh air of the mountains, and the coke and sheep shit and the deer shine on me crazy diamond
  3. Pervomartovtsi

    The Last Post

    "The skyline was beautiful on fire all twisted metal stretching upwards everything washed in a thin orange haze I said "kiss me you're beautiful, these are truly the last days" you grabbed my hand and we felt into it, like a daydream or a fever" 2222
  4. Pervomartovtsi

    the Manga thread

    i was raised into anime ,Dragon Ball , rouroni kenshin, saint seiya, then went into doraemon ,detective conan,escaflowne and evangelion... and then got into manga thanks to internet, and it never stopped...ES21,Naruto ,HxH, Bleach,Homunculus,Monster,Pluto,20th CB...
  5. Pervomartovtsi

    the dark knight thread

    my fave comics character is Logan but cant wait!!!! so much time ahead!!!! someone leak it!!! for the clueless that live on mars the teaser
  6. Pervomartovtsi

    problem with google video

    it is just me or on hour long videos in google video, it gets stucked... happened to anyone? help!
  7. Pervomartovtsi

    that little internet game thread

    there's a lot of games in internet some of them fun and some of em dull... lets share the fun ones... first one is called spin the black circle(like the pearl jam song) its quite difficult, but when you get it, you get it: the next...
  8. Pervomartovtsi

    The Left Wing Thread

    Im leftist and I'm proud of it, i think its the only way to make a better world, cooperation, solidarity, equalness,freedom... the right of living in peace... leftists and rightists allowed( no hate for you wankers! :P) look at this ... the Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein and Alfonso...
  9. Pervomartovtsi

    does being "born to hang" make you a better Moz fan

    me think it definetly does
  10. Pervomartovtsi

    Michael Moore Frink Thread

    yes baby! the real deal men i respect this fella, it's my fave american, even though he's fat
  11. Pervomartovtsi

    anyone seen Zeitgeist??? for those whom not yet, it's about "truth" or at least what they want us to believe is "truth" but is not, main topics are religion, 9-11, bank system... EVIL... the first part about religion may arise some questions but the rest is pure gold... if i get...
  12. Pervomartovtsi

    fun stuff abut babies baby's do and don't do so fun
  13. Pervomartovtsi

    this is a little gift

    I've leeched alot from solow, so I'm gonna retribute(dunno if that word exists in english) this is a massive gig from one of the bands that(and please don't tell him) I love more than the Morrissey, the argentinian band La Renga playing in front of a sea of hooligans at the river plate...
  14. Pervomartovtsi

    I'm searching for happy music

    please help me... (and please don't get existential askin "dude what happiness means?", everybody that has seen the lion king film, knows whats sadness and happiness means)
  15. Pervomartovtsi

    a little hel with the hatful cover

    I'm going to ask a lad print me a t-shirt with the cover of hatful of hollow, but I got a problem, in google there is no big hatful first edition cover, this one ... does anyone have that image bigger or can scan the cd or take a pic of it... thanks in advance
  16. Pervomartovtsi

    I liked the new shambles album

    did you too?
  17. Pervomartovtsi

    where the kcuf is robby?

    a bunch of months after leavin, I come back and there are no traces of the lad...I thought that he was inmortaly idle and was gonna hang forever ere
  18. Pervomartovtsi

    help from NYers or DCers

    iM in washington right now and in a week im gonna be in ny and i wanna know where I can find the smiths/moz and Arab Strap t shirts in any of those 2 cities... thank you in advance
  19. Pervomartovtsi

    The Elvis Presley Thread

    what are yer fave songs of him... mine are heartbreak hotel and suspicious minds
  20. Pervomartovtsi

    the Drinkin thread

    what are your fav drinks,or your drinkin stories, or tell me if you hate drunkards and why
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