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  1. MunchyBrain

    Sociology Coursework

    Right, so, I'm doing a sociology project at the moment about attitudes to and ownership of public space. I need 10 people to answer some questions. There's only 10 questions, and only 2 or 3 of them will be open, so it should only take a couple of minutes. The questions might be vaguely...
  2. MunchyBrain

    The arms trade- discuss?

    Because people seemed kind of interested when I mentioned it in the healthcare thread, and something I've been thinking about starting a thread about for a while...and also because I genuinely can't see how anyone can support the arms trade, no matter what their politics. One of the best...
  3. MunchyBrain

    Irish Rebel Songs

    Anyone else a fan? Black Watch - Spirit of Freedom The S.A.M. Song - Eire Og Obviously, some of the politics are...problematic. As in, how the Republic of Ireland and other Catholic countries treat women, and the obvious issues with nationalism in general. But I think that looked at in the...
  4. MunchyBrain

    Twitter, who here has Twitter? I need some followers/someone to follow. Because it's really boring... @aimutiny :D
  5. MunchyBrain

    'Arrested? For taking a photo?!

    If you read the Guardian, you'll already know about this, as it's on the front page. For everyone else: I can't articulate enough how important it is that everyone shows opposition to the...
  6. MunchyBrain

    Download this album (for free)

    You will not regret it. A Mingling Of Freak Phenomena by Tansy and Tarweed / Aryeh Gonif. Download page here, yes, it is completely legal. Takes a few listens to get into it but very rewarding, best album of 2009 so far, apart from possibly Never Surrender by Evan Greer. If you want a...
  7. MunchyBrain

    What blogs do you read?

    Thought it would be interesting to see what blogs/webcomics people read regularly... Blogs: Bike Snob NYC Cake Wrecks Fitwatch Capture The Flag London Whitechapel Anarchist Group Webcomics: Questionable Content Girls With Slingshots xkcd A Softer World I hope someone else posts...
  8. MunchyBrain

    SHAC City Shakedown

    Seeing as I think there might be quite a few people on here who are interested in this... See some of you there, maybe.
  9. MunchyBrain

    Animal Testing Lab Planned In Camden

    I don't know if any of you are aware, but there are plans to build the "world's largest ever high level virus containment facility and animal testing lab" in London, near St Pancras Station behind the British Library, on a Camden housing estate. This is an incredibly dangerous place for a virus...
  10. MunchyBrain

    The Cyclist Thread

    A thread for all two-wheeling members! General bike geekiness, basically. :) My primary mode of transportation: Needs a new saddle though, after a near death experience where it came loose and tipped back massively on a really busy road. I can temporarily fix it but it works loose again.
  11. MunchyBrain

    Radical folk!

    I doubt anyone will post here except me but oh well. This is a thread for protest/radical folk music! I'll start off with a classic: I Ain't Marching Anymore by Phil Ochs
  12. MunchyBrain

    Buy Nothing Day!

    This Friday in America, Saturday rest of the world! :D
  13. MunchyBrain

    London people into animal rights! READ.

    Campaign for a fur-free Brick Lane, demonstration outside Moda Show, 220 Brick Lane, E1 6SA from 12pm - 4pm, this Sunday. As you may or may not know, there's a lot of shops on Brick Lane that sell real fur. The worst of these is Moda Show, it stocks fox, rabbit, chinchilla, mink, kangaroo...
  14. MunchyBrain

    McDonalds - Yes or No?

    Do you eat in McDonalds...if yes, why? And if no, why? Am I an the mood for an argument? Quite possibly.
  15. MunchyBrain

    Should I dreadlock my hair?

    Obviously this isn't going to finalise my decision, because this is just an internet forum, but, just for a different perspective and things. Do you think I should dreadlock my hair or not? It's really curly, borderline afro-carribean kind of hair, about shoulder length, and really, really...
  16. MunchyBrain

    Do you wear sweatshop clothes?

    Do you buy clothes from companies that use sweatshops, or are generally unethical (i.e. anti-Unionism, sexism, racial discrimination)? Vote yes if you buy from: Primark, GAP, H&M, Top Shop, Mothercare, Nike, Adidas, Zara, Mango, Marks and Spencers, George (Asda), New Look, Wal-Mart, Tommy...
  17. MunchyBrain

    Do you think COINTELPRO still exist?

    I realise that my threads are becoming as cliched as chica's but oh well. Well, do you think that COINTELPRO still exist? Anyone who reads my posts on here can probably guess what I think. As I live in the UK I've never had any experience with them, but there are equivalents over here, and they...
  18. MunchyBrain

    Class War Bonfire Night Party

    Someone's going to have a go at me for this but I don't really care.
  19. MunchyBrain

    Dinosaur Jr. Smiths cover

    I was wondering if anybody had a download link for the Dinosaur Jr./J Mascis cover of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side? Thanks in advance. :) EDIT: I did search, Kewpie, I swear! None of them had a download link.
  20. MunchyBrain

    Mosquito Devices? What do people think of these? They're starting to pop up quite a bit now. Do you see this as discrimination/human rights abuse, or do you support them?
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