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  1. bored

    Mporium (UK & US) new pre-order shirts available

    I just checked the official shops of The Rolling Stones and The Who and you can't find any pictures of them in their 60's.. maybe pictures FROM the 60's.. Couldn't they find more recent photos of any of them or is that irrelevant because you haven't been triggered by them recently? Don't...
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  3. bored

    Morrissey Central "HELLO HELL" (April 19, 2021)

    You are missing the line between satire and malice. I do not know what the cartoons looked like so I cannot say. If they were cartoons of Mohammad f***ing a zebra in the ass and that isn't something he is known for but were trying to show he married a little girl which is in some holy book it...
  4. bored

    Morrissey Central "HELLO HELL" (April 19, 2021)

    No, I care that if someone kind of knows who Morrissey is and then is led to believe that he is a complete phony that they might decide not to give his music more of a listen because they have already judged him on something that isn't true. I also care in the truth in general. As much as I...
  5. bored

    Morrissey Central "HELLO HELL" (April 19, 2021)

    People that do not know Morrissey other than "That depressing guy" could easily be led to believe he was being hypocritical about meat. I think for every Trump is a pedo post you can find one for Bill Clinton. Since neither people are worth actually talking about I will take your word that my...
  6. bored

    Morrissey Central "HELLO HELL" (April 19, 2021)

    It was satire the way the portrayed him as a super exaggerated caricature of his personality and they did a pretty good job of that but they did use a lot of tired methods that one just comes to expect at this point. For someone who knows of Morrissey but doesn't really know him the take-away...
  7. bored

    Morrissey Central "HELLO HELL" (April 19, 2021)

    This was my biggest issue with the episode but there were a few.. but this was just a hack job. To portray him as a meat eater and a total hypocrite on a major foundation of his life is a very poor way to criticize someone. If you have a problem with Morrissey's "Keep England English" state of...
  8. bored

    Percussion Discussion: Chad Smith says "just finished a Morrissey album" - Iggy Pop guests on it (February 20, 2021)

    Did Boz have limited contributions to California Son with Jesse doing most of the guitars? I thought someone was sort of absent from that record.. maybe Gustavo too.. more Roger Manning Jr. I think.
  9. bored

    DrumWise Meets... Spike T. Smith (April 3, 2021)

    Yes! How could I forget him. He is really creative and does so many interesting things as a drummer. I exchanged DMs with him on twitter like 10 years ago. Really a great guy. I wish he had toured with Morrissey at least once... and so did he.
  10. bored

    DrumWise Meets... Spike T. Smith (April 3, 2021)

    I thought Deano was a bit stiff but maybe that comes off to some as more controlled or technical. I think he's pretty good but he didn't wow me. I think a really great dummer who gets almost no credit is Matt Chamberlain who was the session drummer for ROTT. Matt Walker is great.. to me he...
  11. bored

    DrumWise Meets... Spike T. Smith (April 3, 2021)

    I saw a bunch of shows on that tour and thought he was pretty average and didn't really fit in with the vibe of those setlists.
  12. bored

    Shoplifters Of The World - Official trailer

    I am not sure if the movie will be any good but I would say this is going to be the best movie soundtrack ever.. future included.
  13. bored

    Morrissey Central I FOUND A PICTURE OF YOU, OLIVIA RODRIGO & FOREVER CAME TODAY (February 9, 2021)

    When a bunch of boring people who mean nothing to me wear Morrissey shirts it doesn't make those people better, it makes Morrissey worse. Also, Morrissey's daily obituary column of people I have never heard of has become his version of talking about the weather. He should stick to making...
  14. bored

    Morrissey A-Z: "Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together"

    Always been one of my favorites. Where/when did Moz say it was about Johnny? I never heard that before.
  15. bored

    Bills WR Stefon Diggs wears Smiths

    I didn't hear any Smiths references.. did they edit it? If so, what did it say?
  16. bored

    Omega Auctions: memorabilia auction results (September 8, 2020)

    You missed the sarcasm.. It was poking fun at people who have not done a very good job of cancelling Morrissey. Clearly it was lost in the medium.
  17. bored

    Omega Auctions: memorabilia auction results (September 8, 2020)

    Maybe people bought them all to burn them and rid the universe of them forever. The bids went so high because there was an army of them unknowingly outbidding each other. Had they ignored it the auction would have raised 20 pounds.
  18. bored

    Johnny Marr's son calls Morrissey a racist on Instagram

    I'm looking at wikipedia, so I know that might be suspect but.. Call the Comet - 7 Dog on a Chain - 3 California Sun - 4 The last Morrissey album to not crack the top 5 was Maladjusted Is this info incorrect?
  19. bored

    Johnny Marr's son calls Morrissey a racist on Instagram

    You know your dad is famous when you say, one time, the exact same thing uncleskinny says 100 times a day and you make the front page and skinny makes the comments. As you can see.. I too do not have a famous dad as I have been trapped under the glass ceiling of the comment section as well.
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