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  1. Evil Legal Eagle

    Desperately seeking Stoke!

    Standing, seated.....I'll take whatever I can get my hands on! Stupidly forgot to set my alarm for the morning tickets went on sale and have seen my arse, big time! I will be eternally grateful to anyone with a spare! Many thanks.
  2. Evil Legal Eagle

    Manc Apollo 23/5 Standing x1 available to swap for B'ham Stalls

    Anyone with a spare ticket for the Stalls at Birmingham Symphony Hall who would like to swap it for a standing ticket for the Saturday night at Manchester Apollo (23/5), please PM me with details of whereabouts in the Stalls the seat is (Row and Seat number please). Will also consider a good...
  3. Evil Legal Eagle

    FAO anyone looking for Manc Apollo 22nd Standing tickets

    Right, here's the deal... Due to work commitments, I am unable to queue outside the Liverpool Empire from daft o'clock tomorrow morning, nor am I able to go online or use the phone (I will be delivering a training course in Manchester from 9.30 am onwards). Were this not the case, I would...
  4. Evil Legal Eagle

    Stray Cats

    Don't know if anyone's interested, but the Stray Cats have announced two UK dates on their 'farewell' tour. Not sure when they're playing London, but they're playing Manchester University on 11th September. Sell your grandmother for a ticket.....these guys rock!!! :guitar:
  5. Evil Legal Eagle

    1980's 'Smash Hits' scans

    Just spent the day helping my mum clear out her attic because she's having new insulation put in on Tuesday. Anyway, I came across a box full of stuff that used to be on my bedroom wall back in the nineteen haties, some of which is of course M related. All but one of the clippings is...
  6. Evil Legal Eagle

    Santiago, Chile - 04/11/2004

    Further to mozmal's recent posting of the 2000 Santiago show, here is the Santiago show from November 2004. Although not quite in the same league as the 2000 show, it is still by far one of the best quality Moz live downloads around (it is FM broadcast quality). Worth downloading for 'Now...
  7. Evil Legal Eagle

    The Troy Tate Sessions

    As requested, here are the Troy Tate Sessions:
  8. Evil Legal Eagle

    Request for drifter

    drifter, I see from your site that you have the London Astoria show from 20/12/92. I would be eternally grateful if you would kindly upload this. Thanks drifter, ELE ;)
  9. Evil Legal Eagle

    How do I play .avi files???

    Can anybody please tell me how to play .avi video files on Windows Media Player? :confused: I have downloaded so many goodies from here over the last few months, but there are a lot of videos I haven't been able to watch because Media Player will only play the audio part of .avi files! The...
  10. Evil Legal Eagle

    It was 22 years ago today...

    ...that I saw the Smiths for the first (and, regrettably, last) time! 22 years!!! God, that makes me feel old! :( Just wanted to share this anniversary with someone (anyone!), as my wife isn't in the least bit interested! Still got my ticket too! :)
  11. Evil Legal Eagle

    Get Moz in the charts - Live NOW on FM4

    I am about to do an interview on FM4 Radio in Austria about the Get Moz in the charts campaign. I think it's going out live. You can listen online here:
  12. Evil Legal Eagle

    Post your TICKET collection thread

    This may be seen by some as scraping the barrel, but given that we have had a 'Post your collection' thread, I thought I would start a 'Post your ticket collection' thread. To get the ball rolling (or not, as the case may be), here is my humble ticket collection. The centrepiece is a...
  13. Evil Legal Eagle

    Request - Liverpool Empire, 24/07/91

    Does anybody have a boot of this show? It was my first solo Moz show and I would dearly love a recording of it, so I would be forever indebted to anyone who could upload it for me! Here's hoping...
  14. Evil Legal Eagle

    Liverpool Philharmonic - 12/05/06

    Still desperately seeking a boot of this show (quality unimportant)!!! It was my sixth and final night of the tour and I was blessed with a front row seat (which I had to queue up at the venue from 5am to secure) and shook His hand 4 times during the course of the show, hence my desperation...
  15. Evil Legal Eagle

    Liverpool Philharmonic 12/05/06 - Boots / Photos Wanted

    Does anybody have any boots / photos / anything from the Liverpool Philharmonic gig on 12th May? I was blessed with a front row seat and shook His hand four times (the closest I've got to him since I met him and the rest of the Smiths outside Liverpool Royal Court in 1985). This was my...
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