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    Sweden Roll call!

    18:e juni - Borås, Åhaga 22:e juni - Göteborg, Lisebergshallen 24:e juni - Stockholm, Hovet Are you ready for the best shows of this tour so far? Vi ses och fram till dess, ha det gött! :guitar: // Chartie
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    YoR & Paris charts: Sweden

    Years of Refusal has entered the Swedish charts on a terrible #5 (the worst since Maladjusted), and to make it even worse I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris entered at #58. Allthough I can see why, Paris has had almost none air time except for some om the minor channels and is hard to even find...
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    The Bear Quartet - I Know Very Well How I Got My Name

    The Bear Quartet - I Know Very Well How I Got My Name 03:27 192kbps .mp3 4,75 Mb From their EP "f*** Your Slow Songs", released 2001. Have been looking for this song and especially this EP a long time and finally I've got it. Not the best of...
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    Way Out West

    Will anyone come? & for those of you that won't come and maybe don't even know about this festival, here's a teaser: Neil Young (Can) Håkan Hellström (S) Broder Daniel (S) Sonic Youth (US) NERD (US) Sigur Ròs (Is) Franz Ferdinand (UK) The Buzzcocks (UK)
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    That's How People Grow Up #26 in Swedish chart

    "That's How People Grow Up" has entered the Swedish charts on a disappointing #26 (same as "The Youngest Was The Most Loved"). However there's some light, when the listeners vote he got a #18 this week (before the single was officially released) so there's still hope it will climb. It got #30...
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    ...I'm surprised someone hasn't made a thread abot this yet...

    ...about the tragedy in Finland yesterday when eight teachers and pupils were killed at Jokela High School. My deepest condolences to the victims and their families!
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    Morrissey-special on Swedish TV!

    The culture program Kobra next show on SVT2 will be about Morrissey and why "this soft singer is so popular in hard Latino groups". That was all they said but it was combined with lots of clips from lation Moz lookalikes, The Smiths karaokes and the video from "Irish Blood, English Heart"...
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    Now that The Boss is on tour...

    ...are you going to see him?:) I've got the damn luck to be abroad Dec 10th when he comes to Stockholm (:() so I probably have to travel to Oslo. Plus it's bloody unusual of Bruce to not come to Gothenburg. But enough of my stories, where are you going to see him? :)
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    Anyone up north who's going to the Accelerator festival (either Gothenburg or Stockholm) next week? I'm especially interested since Modest Mouse, yes that's Johnny Marr's band, is coming. Can I expect anyone else trying to "hunt him down"?:) And if you don't count him, you always got Bright...
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    Max for President!

    If there's anyone here who have followed season one of Sam & Max you know that they created the "Random Destruction & Violence Party" and won the election against a seven meter robot Lincoln. Now finally they got the Max for President site open. In the series Max has demoted Florida to a...
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    Song Of The Day

    As an probably helpless attempt to make this part of the forum a bit more exciting I've decided to start with "The Song Of The Day". Hopefully you'll atleast hear a good new tune. Today's song is "Depressed Friends" by Walter Schreifels.
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    Recording of Walter Screifels performing "Ask" live

    Walter Screifel performs "Ask" as a part of an acoustic medley, live at Café MiC, Vänersborg Sweden, 2006-03-03. Was quite surprised so I took a while to persuade my friend to record it. He also played "How Soon Is Now?" but as a part of another medley and I didn't get it. Anyway, awesome cover...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas mates, even you who celebrate the 25th have the chance now. Cheers:)
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    Morrissey ringtones

    "Irish Blood, English Heart" "First Of The Gang To Die" "You Have Killed Me" Ca 11KB together. Dunno for which brand of phones these work on but hopefully it'll work for you. Cheers
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    Gothenburg Post's Top Albums of 2006

    The official list of 2006 1. Tom Waits - Orphans 2. Neko Case - Fox Confessior Brings The Flood 3. The Killers - Sam's Town 4. M-Ward - Post-War 5. Yo La Tengo - I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass 6. The Knife - Silent Shout 7. Koop - Koop Islands 8. Nelly Furtado - Loose...
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    The Festival Thread!

    Now when it's four months still we can experience degrees over 1 C it's timne to bring the summer alive by talking about every summers highlight, fesitvals! What's your experiences? A selection of my favouries: Watching Babyshambles (this summer) and Doherty is totally stoned so he...
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    The Silly Politics Thread

    Politics is mainly dull but there's a lot of fun things as well, don't you think? For example the party who want to dig a cannal between Skåne and the rest of Sweden because they don't like the skånish. And the Skånish party who want a free Skåne so they plan to dig a cannal to seperate...
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    Recording help!

    I need to record a concert by NYD that is being broadcasted today 20:00 on P3. But I dunno how to record, can't seem AudaCity to work. Anyone who can recommend a good program or know how to do it in AudaCity? Please
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    New Yor Dolls & Sigur Rós Live, Broadcast on P3

    P3 Live, the same programe that gave us the Moz concert with "Street Life" will next week air NYD live in Borlänge (Peace & Love festival) and Sigur Rós in Roskilde 06. This is something I've got to record. You've got to love them :D
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    The FINAL for the Sleeve designigcontest

    This is the final for the designing of the sleeve of the "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy" single. There are 12 contestants who have made it by sticking to the rules. Here's a link so you can see everone's work: One vote each, the...
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