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  1. eugenius

    Morrissey Central "NOT HAPPY, NOT SAD" (May 31, 2021)

    One of the best Smiths covers I've ever heard, I've heard 'em all. All four musicians nailed their parts. Anyone who's bringing race into this post needs to find a hobby.
  2. eugenius

    Grand Prairie, TX - Verizon Theatre (Sep. 18, 2019) post-show

    He referenced this Oscar quote during a Smiths interview over three decades ago. When the reporter asked Morosey what his favorite quote was, he quoted this one.
  3. eugenius

    Morrissey interview in FasterLouder - "Cakes, Brexit and country music"

    Sorry, this deserved a second post in the same thread.. "Factually, I would trade the entire Smiths catalogue for World Peace Is None Of Your Business." As a diehard fan who has put up with a lot of shit for being a fan of the Smiths/Morrissey since the mid-'80s (both from assholes and...
  4. eugenius

    Morrissey interview in FasterLouder - "Cakes, Brexit and country music"

    How did this website get an interview (albeit an email questionnaire interview) after their scathing review of "World Peace." I mean, I actually think the review of the album isn't scathing enough, but I also wouldn't have the balls to ask Morrissey for an interview afterwards, either.
  5. eugenius

    BBC 4 "The People's History of Pop 1976-1985" featuring The Smiths

    f***ing great clip. Great story from the two that say them at Dingwalls.
  6. eugenius

    The Smiths' "First" bassist, Dale Hibbert, played the Smiths first demo

    And I'll repeat myself: This demo (made in August 1982, four months after Morrissey and Marr decided to form The Smiths proper) sounds incredibly close to what we got on the debut which was recorded 13 months later in September 1983. I'm still impressed.
  7. eugenius

    Today's message is, there is no message.

    Today's message is, there is no message.
  8. eugenius

    The Smiths' "First" bassist, Dale Hibbert, played the Smiths first demo

    Dale Hibbert was at the PLY Bar in Manchester last night (Sept. 29, 2016) and an excerpt from The Smiths' first demo was played at the end of the night's event. This is a bit of "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" demo recorded at Decibelle Studios by Morrissey, Marr, Joyce, and Hibbert on bass...
  9. eugenius

    TTY: Dairy Farmers Milked Out of Business

    They're not even complete sentences anymore. There's a good chance he had a stroke while banging this one out.
  10. eugenius

    TTY: British politics this week

    Morrissey's submitting links to his most hated website now?
  11. eugenius

    Tony Visconti - My top 6 productions - Team Rock

    "Ganglord" sounded so rugged and rough on "Who Put the M in Manchester." Visconti's production cut the balls off it. Maybe he should've recorded it in Dubly.
  12. eugenius

    A Handful of Never-Before-Seen Morrissey Pics: Oct. 26, 1997

    CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE/PHOTOS... Just a bunch of photos from Morrissey's October 26, 1997 gig at the Bridges Auditorium in Claremont, California. The first time he performed The Queen is Dead. Little did we know the Maladjusted years were pretty good. Of course, Passions Just Like Mine has...
  13. eugenius

    'MOZZIAH' - new official shirt design

    And we're now inching towards Morrissey's "clinically crazy years."
  14. eugenius

    Mando Lopez interview on

    I'll take the two minute it takes to read the relative information. I f***ing will not listen and scan through an hour-long podcast from some nobody who fell into an unnecessary role in morrissey's band. is that clearer for you?
  15. eugenius

    Mando Lopez interview on

    Can someone transcribe? No way am I listening to that shit.
  16. eugenius

    TTY: Supreme, yet not; Morrissey's second statement on Supreme

    Who is Morrissey pleading his case with, if not Morrissey-Solo commentators? Is the world-at-large waiting for Morrissey's rebuttal on this Supreme debacle?
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