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    Chile Viña Del Mar

    New audio, from 720p video. No radio comments.
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    Quarry promo interview disc 2004

    Somebody asked me for this, so here it goes:
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    Some photos I took

    11/19 Santa Fe, NM @ Santa Fe Center
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    Extra Royal Oak ticket

    If you need one, PM me. A friend of mine is trying to sell his ticket.
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    My favorite Smiths item on ebay today is... Brilliant! I find it odd that he got it signed by fake Mike, fake Andy and fake Johnny, but didn't get it signed by fake...
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    Wanted: 1 Oakland floor ticket

    Does anyone have 1 ticket available? Please PM me. Thanks.
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    Kill. Eat. Kill. Eat. Murder.

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    1 Escondido ticket

    A friend of mine needs 1 Escondido ticket, but he wants to get a good seat. Most of the scalper sites only sells pairs, so he needs another person to split a pair of tickets with him. If anyone here is in the same situation, please PM and I'll put you both in touch.
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    Hang In Glove poster for sale

    I'm selling this one:
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    Escondido Ticket

    Anyone here has a spare Escondido ticket? Or anyone willing to split this pair of tickets? -->
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    100% Fake

    Morrissey would like to warn people that the Morrissey 'signatures' presently for sale on ebay.UK are 100% fake. Please beware.
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    Meat Is Murder Live EP 12" test pressing

    I have a few questions about the Meat Is Murder Live EP 12" test pressing. If any of you have this, could you please PM me? Thanks
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    Modrevolve is a phrophet

    Mr. Modrevolve is a prophet, seer & sages the angels of the ages.
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    Movies you should see

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    oh yeah uh-huh oh yeah
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    I'm pretty sure this guy is a member of the forums

    So... which one of you is it? Step forward!
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