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    Comment by 'BrummieBoy' in 'The End of Faith ~ Sessions'

    Just when you have to cancel UK trip, Morrissey announces August gig! Oh well! Que sera sera. If you ever do make it to these islands do get in touch. I run the show here.....covertly....LOL!
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    Comment by 'BrummieBoy' in 'The End of Faith ~ Sessions'

    Sorry to read of so many challenges. Hope they are overcome swiftly.
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    Comment by 'BrummieBoy' in 'The End of Faith ~ Sessions'

    Lots of Pigsty threads have been vapourised 'accidently'. Make sure you've backed up your Atheist stuff, etc. Trust you're well. Are you coming to the UK? It's pretty 'lively' here at the moment due to Brexit. LOL!
  5. BrummieBoy

    TTY Statement: Morrissey Mayor of London?

    You're in a hole -stop digging. Wish i had his tongue -my rimshot skills are pretty awesome but tossing salad -alphabet a -z on an arse with a lizard-tongue like his ? Wow! Rathmines Dublin 1916....
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    Comment by 'BrummieBoy' in 'Symbols'

    Well, this is a far more interesting blog topic/thread discussion than anything on the 'official' threads. We have a toxic issue with the UKIP 'Turnip Taleban' claiming the flag for their recidivist agenda but it doesn't have the whole slavery baggage that the Confederate flag ignites. We have...
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    Comment by 'BrummieBoy' in 'Is World Peace is None of Your Business a Concept Album?'

    An interesting overview. You have quoted lyrics from NCDD for 'Mountjoy'! best BB
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    Comment by 'BrummieBoy' in 'Vegan Challenge'

    Just found this, and really pleased you're up and running. Hope it goes well and will be following if not always commenting. My only observation is that I find avocado and nuts a wonderful satiation trick. And 85% cocoa chocolate. I use Stevia for sweetening and also drink a 'cappucino...
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