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  1. Vauxhall95

    I'm Not A Man - Edit?

    Has anyone edited "Like a Man" to condense/remove the first minute or so? If you have, could I trouble you for a link? Many thanks, Vaux
  2. Vauxhall95

    Earth Is the Loneliest Planet

    Would someone be so kind as to post a link or PM me Earth Is the Loneliest Planet in mp3 format? Before Constable Anonymous comments, yes I pre-ordered the Deluxe version of the new album on iTunes; however Apple's file codec doesn't work with a number of the devices I want to listen to the...
  3. Vauxhall95

    Best Album Version of "Reel Around the Fountain?"

    With all the various remasters available, I was wondering if anyone knew what best sounding album version of "Reel Around the Fountain" was? I always thought the version on The Smith - Greatest Hits II sounded far better than the original version on The Smiths album. Anyone have any thoughts?:)
  4. Vauxhall95

    Site Which Offers Legal Downloads for Free I was reading a totally unrelated tech blog, and it mentioned a website which offers legal mp3 downloads. I visited the site, it looks legit. They had some Morrissey tracks, Jarvis - just to name a few. Apparently, they offer over 1.5 million...
  5. Vauxhall95

    Boycott Morrissey Concert Until He Lifts the Ban on David

    I am going to boycott any future Morrissey concerts until he lifts his lifetime ban on David. I don't believe the ban on David is justified. Regardless of Morrissey's views on this site, punishing David is not the answer. If David were actively working to harm Morrissey, financially or...
  6. Vauxhall95

    Time to Hire a Songwriter?!

    Yes, it's that bad. If it's not the end of an illustrious career, it's smack dab on the horizon. For years, I've given little notice to the band which supported him: it would be akin to noticing the frame around the Mona Lisa, one is simply missing the point. Then we got "That's How People...
  7. Vauxhall95

    Brighton Rock 2010 DVD Download

    Through my nefarious underworld connections, I present the 2010 film adaptation of "Brighton Rock." I cannot say I've had an opportunity to watch it yet, but it stars Helen Mirren so it can't be all bad. Link to the film's homepage: Links to download the...
  8. Vauxhall95

    Morrissey "It's that Time of the Decade" - Perth, Australia Oct. 10th, 2002

    October 10th, 2002 Perth, Australia I Want The One I Can't Have Suedehead Little Man, What Now? Hairdresser On Fire First Of The Gang To Die Jack The Ripper I Like You Alsatian Cousin Mexico Everyday Is Like Sunday Sister I'm A Poet...
  9. Vauxhall95

    AUDIO: "Who Put the 'M' in Manchester?"

    Track Listing 1. "First of the Gang to Die" 2. "Hairdresser on Fire" 3. "Irish Blood, English Heart" 4. "The Headmaster Ritual" 5. "Subway Train"/"Everyday Is Like Sunday" 6. "I Have Forgiven Jesus" 7. "I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday" 8. "How Can Anybody...
  10. Vauxhall95

    VIDEO - 7 April 2006 - 4Music Presents (Channel 4, UK)

    7 April 2006 - 4Music Presents (Channel 4, UK) You Have Killed Me The Youngest Was The Most Loved I Just Want To See The Boy Happy Still Ill (lyric change, "England's a swine..." Plus two segments of Morrissey being interviewed by host Edith Bowman. Apparently, Channel 4 was able...
  11. Vauxhall95

    Jarvis Bootlegs

    Would there be any interest in a Jarvis bootleg(s) and/or would this be the correct section for such a posting? Thanks Mods, Vaux P.S. I'll try to get some Moz videos up today.
  12. Vauxhall95

    "Meat vs Murder @ Coachella" April 17, 2009 (FLAC!)

    Tour of Refusal 17 April 2009 Indio (CA), Coachella Music Festival This Charming Man First Of The Gang To Die Black Cloud Girlfriend In A Coma Irish Blood, English Heart How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? When Last I Spoke To Carol Some Girls...
  13. Vauxhall95

    "Refusal at the Pageant" April 8, '09 (FLAC) 2CD

    8 April 2009 St. Louis (MO), The Pageant "Refusal at the Pageant" This Charming Man Billy Budd Black Cloud How Soon Is Now? Irish Blood, English Heart When Last I Spoke To Carol How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? I'm Throwing My Arms Around...
  14. Vauxhall95

    "Half a Person" - Majestic Ventura Theatre, Ventura, CA - Dec. '99

    18 December 1999 Majestic Ventura Theatre, Ventura, CA You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side The Boy Racer Alma Matters Reader Meet Author Is It Really So Strange? Hairdresser On Fire November Spawned A Monster A Swallow On My Neck Half A Person...
  15. Vauxhall95

    "Practising Troublemaker" - 17 November 1995

    As requested, here is a "Southpaw" era bootleg. I'll work on finding a decent "Maladjusted" bootleg next. Just place your requests and I'll do my best to find you something. Best to not get hung up on dates. If you are open to general eras: say, a three month month period, chances are I can...
  16. Vauxhall95

    Is there a concert era you are more interested in?

    I've uploaded loads of shows, and it mystifies me which really seem to get downloaded in mass and others ignored. The Israel show in particular was widely ignored yet it was an historic concert. So, instead of trying to anticipate what you all want can you give me general tours you'd like...
  17. Vauxhall95

    Panic in Pauley Pavillion - "Frankly Vulgar"

    1 November 1991 UCLA Pauley Pavilion, Westwood (L.A.), CA November Spawned A Monster Alsatian Cousin Our Frank The Loop King Leer Sister I'm A Poet Piccadilly Palare Driving Your Girlfriend Home We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful A...
  18. Vauxhall95

    Morrissey - 2006-08-15 - Paredes de Coura, Portugal (RADIO!)

    (radio broadcast) 01. You'll never walk alone 02. What a Pretty (intro) 03. How Soon Is Now? 04. First Of The Gang To Die 05. You Have Killed Me 06. The Youngest Was The Most Loved 07. Let Me Kiss You 08. Girlfriend In A Coma 09. In The Future When All's Well 10. Don't Make Fun Of...
  19. Vauxhall95

    Shalom - Moz in Tel Aviv, Israel - July 29th, 2008

    (Broadcast [email protected]) Clean version without the DJ's comments credit to Oren Amram from here 29 July 2008 Tel Aviv (Israel), Heatwave Festival The Last Of The Famous International Playboys Ask First Of The Gang To Die I Just Want To See The Boy Happy That's How People Grow...
  20. Vauxhall95

    The National, Richmond, VA on March 13, 2009

    I realize this was leaked very recently, however I suspect we have some new fans and completists who might have missed this one. Also, who knows if the old links are still working? Tracklisting from "" 13 March 2009 Richmond (VA), The National This...
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