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    Alternate colours for Smiths s/t promo poster

    Has anyone see any alternate colours for the s/t debut poster? If so, any knowledge as to the story behind them?
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    Smiths Strangeways green font poster

    I've seen it on Passionsjustlikemine but I was wondering if people know the story behind the poster. How many exist? Were they printed before or after the standard font colouring? I'd love to have one but am thinking odds of finding one are quite slim. Also, if someone wouldn't mind posting a...
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    Wanted: What Difference/HIG/Heaven Knows 12 x 24 promo posters

    Not necessarily looking for mint condition. I'm not looking to re-sell them on ebay unlike everyone else who seems to ask about these things. PM me prices or trades for other promo posters.
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    Selling Smiths Promo Posters (William, Shoplifters, Shakespeare's, etc)

    I'm parting with my Smiths Promo Posters collection and before I go posting them to ebay, I thought I'd give the fine folks on here who I know will cherish them a first crack at any. William (VG - fold, some light creasing) £275 The Boy (VG- fold, two marking in upper corners where blue tac...
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    Heaven Knows large poster

    Out of curiosity: Does anyone have, or has anyone seen, the large Heaven Knows promo poster (40x60)? I assume it exists, but have never seen one.
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    Hand in Glove - Negative sleeve - How many in existence?

    I know that's a broad question and hard to know but I keep reading that there is only 25 in existence. That seems inaccurate. Any educated guesses as to how many there might be?
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    Fake promo poster

    I recently bought a promo poster for Bigmouth Strikes again and believe it to be fake. The seller is totally reliable; however, at the very bottom there is an extended blue line as if there were an ink run on the print and it looks lighter than some. Anybody have a 12 x 24 Bigmouth promo poster...
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    'Wiliam" promo poster on Ebay is reprint

    There's a seller going by the name Cufri11 who has two Smiths promo posters up on ebay right now (William + Smiths debut). I had suspicions this was the seller who tried to rip me off years back, so I wrote to ask if they were reprints. He admitted they were. He has a printing press in...
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    This is just a bit too much!

    Really? £256 for a Hand in Glove promo poster. Does anyone else find that a bit excessive.
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    See 'Under Review' free

    A Classic Under Review: the Queen is Dead is streaming for FREE for one week at
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    HELP! Looking for 'Heaven Knows' promo poster

    Anybody have one they might be willing to sell? Or if anyone can tell me where I should look.
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