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  1. vivabob

    Aberdeen & Glasgow Aftershow

    STRANGEWAYS ON TOUR Strangeways will be hosting some after parties for the Scottish Leg of the Morrissey Tour. Hope to see you there. Friday 16th February Aberdeen - Brewdog Basement 5 - 9 Union Street 11pm - 2am Tickets £6 plus booking free ( limited capacity)...
  2. vivabob

    Strangeways - Glasgow Smiths and Morrissey Night

    The next strangeways will be at the admiral on the 22nd of March tickets are available from we got tickets Hope you can make it along ... as ever check out our facebook or Twitter for more details or Email Strangewaysn[email protected]
  3. vivabob

    Signed years of refusal

    A friend of mine has a signed copy of years of refusal from the yor tour , 2/30 , due to hard times he is being forced to sell it , it's authenticated with sticks etc It's not mine but I said I would mention it , he's looking for the best offer he can get It was from the stirling show...
  4. vivabob

    Strangeways Night - Glasgow 10/03/2012

    Hey all Just to let you know the next strangeways night is on on the 10/03/2012 we have decided after the success of our "smithsmas" night to move back to Heavenly the tickets are selling very fast ... be quick
  5. vivabob

    Strangeways Present "Smithsmas" - Glasgow

    Hey All Just to let you know that Strangeways are having their christmas party in glasgow @Heavenly We have a few Special Guests invited (maybe even a special band) , More of which will be posted as they are announced There will also be a raffle and Auction , we have some pretty good items...
  6. vivabob

    Bis front woman includes Smiths in new art exhibition

    The former front woman of the Indie Pop band "Bis" has recently been working on her art for a exhibition to be held as part of the Glasgow Pop Fest The exhibition is based on her reworking popular album covers in her own unique style of art , she has recently reworked on album covers of albums...
  7. vivabob

    Strangeways Glasgow - September the 10th

    tickets on sale now at​m/event/126720 Hope you can make it :thumb:
  8. vivabob

    Support band Brother talk about Morrissey

    Morrissey Support Band "brother " talk about morrissey to the NME (:mad:) The People Versus Brother - The Great Escape 2011 video - We met up with Brother at The Great Escape 2011. Find out what Brother think of Beady Eye, if they would ever collaborate with Morrissey and who their...
  9. vivabob

    Morrissey Support Band "brother " talk about morrissey

    Morrissey Support Band "brother " talk about morrissey to the NME (:mad:)
  10. vivabob

    God hates Morrissey ?

    According to the bigoted Idiots at the Westboro Baptist Church , Morrissey is on the hit list of bands who if you listen to will make you GAY its quite an intersting list , Morrissey is marked as questionable .... More frightening is the safe bands list...
  11. vivabob

    Smiths / Morrissey Table Quiz

    Our Smiths and Morrissey Disco "strangeways" has produced a little Quiz for the night (13.05.2011) , we thought you might like a little try please see the link below (while your there you can befriend us)...
  12. vivabob

    April 2011 Front Row interview

    Has anyone got a copy of this i can download , I want one i can own not just the iplayer listen ?
  13. vivabob

    Rhino to release "The Queen is Dead" 10" for Record Store Day in the UK

    Rhino are re-releasing The Queen Is Dead on 10" for record store day 16/04/2011 Record Store Day - April 16, 2011 Exclusive product The product listed is available only for purchase in the UK stores listed. You are advised to check with your local store as to availability as not every...
  14. vivabob

    Strangeways - Scottish mini-bus

    The lovely nats suggested we put on a mini-bus for the scottish dates , probably not them all but dunoon and Hawick look like favourites. If you are interested , we will be looking to cover just the cost of the bus and driver, numbers depend on how many people are interested - we will be...
  15. vivabob

    Dum Dum Girls cover of "There Is A Light..." mentioned on

    From Dum Dum Girls cover The Smiths on Raveonettes-produced EP Dum Dum Girls have reinterpreted The Smiths' classic 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' on their new EP. Released on February 28, the four-track 'He Gets Me High' EP was produced by frontwoman Dee Dee alongside...
  16. vivabob

    Morrissey images?

    Does anyone have a large collection of morrissey / smiths images on one file ? i know i could go into the frink and save each image but im looking to have the hassle taken out of it ... im basically looking to have the images as a slide show lasting a few hours If anyone can help i would...
  17. vivabob

    Strangeways glasgow

    As all the events posts seem to be missing it looks like time to add a new one for the strangeways night ... if the posts all come back im sure someone can merge the thread ... anyway strangeways is a new night in glasgow , launches on the 4th of feb for information...
  18. vivabob

    Strangeways Night

    I would like to make you aware of an up and coming regular Smiths / Morrissey Nights based in Glasgow Scotland, (but not exclusively). As it's very much in the planning stage at the moment I thought I would explain the concept of what I’m hoping to achieve , Basically I am looking to throw...
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