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  1. dizzywhore_1804

    Morrissey - Live at Maida Vale

    Oooft, that UKIP thing is even more incongruous after such a beautiful song.
  2. dizzywhore_1804

    Best of (recent) Morrissey live

    So for various reasons I missed all of the World Peace... and subsequent touring (even though I thought the album itself was actually the strongest for a while). What live shows (preferably soundboard quality) should I be tracking down? Best new live tracks not on albums? I hear the Rose...
  3. dizzywhore_1804

    Request: The fan (Irregular edit?) of "I'm Not A Man"

    If anyone has this version, without the intro/outro it'd be much appreciated.
  4. dizzywhore_1804

    Morrissey used as an image of England by The Sun

    Or, could it be, that UKIP are just clearly a bunch of insecure dolts? It's not so much fear as it is confusion how we're now meant to be taking seriously a person most people wouldn't want to sit next to in their lunch breaks. UKIP and Farage in particular are the very definition of empty politics.
  5. dizzywhore_1804

    Morrissey used as an image of England by The Sun

    Morrissey: I nearly voted for UKIP. I like Nigel Farage a great deal "His views are quite logical – especially where Europe is concerned, although it was...
  6. dizzywhore_1804

    TTY chart hints

    Why didn't Morrissey's people? If this album sinks it'll be Morrissey and whatever team is around him failing/refusing to promote it in any way. The album is great, the reviews have been rightly and fairly positive. Its now just whether people notice it's out.
  7. dizzywhore_1804

    Will "World Peace Is None of Your Business" debut at #1 on the U.K. charts?

    It's a much better album in my opinion, and the lack of single success doesn't bother me as I think they were hoping for play/word of mouth rather than huge sales. What is worrying is that there has been no airplay. YOR was in people's mind as "Arms Around Paris" had considerable presence on...
  8. dizzywhore_1804

    Article: "Vauxhall And I" (Definitive Master) debuts at #63 in UK Album Charts; "Earth..." and "Ista

    Re: Article: "Vauxhall And I" (Definitive Master) debuts at #63 in UK Album Charts; "Earth..." and " Just to go back to my Lana Del Rey example here. In the UK iTunes chart at least she has been number 1 all week, with the pre-release singles still nowhere of note. While I don't think...
  9. dizzywhore_1804

    Article: "Vauxhall And I" (Definitive Master) debuts at #63 in UK Album Charts; "Earth..." and "Ista

    Before we start nay-saying, are these singles even meant to chart? I only ask as Lana Del Rey (who whatever your opinion of her is "current") is also doing a track-by-track drip release and I notice of her three available songs just one is in the Top 40. This is sitting at 35, having dropped...
  10. dizzywhore_1804

    2014, best albums, post them here

    Thanks for the recommendation on this, I properly love it.
  11. dizzywhore_1804

    Your favourite album of 2010

    Did I include this in my list? If not I should've. While the campaign may have flopped big style, for fans....what a year. <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  12. dizzywhore_1804

    New Smiths Unreleased Demos

    Rather lovely, thanks again for the MP3s!
  13. dizzywhore_1804

    The Smiths - Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals [Bootleg Vinyl Rip]

    If anyone can find me a website that takes Google Checkout (paypal won't work for me) for this item please, please let me know. Thanks for the upload though :-)
  14. dizzywhore_1804

    Your favourite album of 2010

    I really, really like it. My friend, also a huge fan, hates it. Worth a listen. They've moved away from their previous 60s girl-group style but they haven't lost their skill with a pop song.
  15. dizzywhore_1804

    Your favourite album of 2010

    Also the best album cover of the year Honourable mentions: Cee Lo Green - The Lady Killer Alphabeat - The Spell Delphic - Acolyte Kylie - Aphrodite Pipettes - Earth vs The Pipettes Brandon Flowers - Flamingo (his best work, only clear after a few listens)
  16. dizzywhore_1804

    ‘Ultimate Pet Shop Boys’ features 19 singles, from ‘West End Girls’ to ‘Love Etc.’

    Re: ‘Ultimate Pet Shop Boys’ features 19 singles, from ‘West End Girls’ to ‘Love Etc. I really love the Fundamental and Yes albums, Yes being among my favourite albums of last year, but do think a new greatest hits is rather pointless. Especially as it's far less interesting than PopArt - the...
  17. dizzywhore_1804

    Everyday is Like Sunday fails to make the UK top 40

    Yes, but as I gather (not a fan so not 100% sure) the Station To Station re-release was a proper *deluxe* package, not just a few new songs and a new (actually the same) photo and called a special edition. Will be interested to see how the "new" tracks sell via iTunes compared to the actual...
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