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  1. Marco

    Morrissey - Live at Wolverhampton LP (bootleg) release on vinyl

    I received an email from Crash Records alerting that Morrissey is releasing Live at Wolverhampton LP. The concert from 1988. It seems it will be released next week on December 10th...
  2. Marco

    For NME, Morrissey is Boris Johnson

    It seems that Moz will win, then...
  3. Marco

    The eternal bands that have still to comeback

    Radio X site ranked the top 10 bands that have yet to comeback and our dear Smiths are top of the list. The info I was not aware was regarding the official Smiths twitter account. See here:
  4. Marco

    Alt 98.7

    Anyone knows how to listen to it online. I searched, found some links at iheart, but everything seems to be broken... any help is appreciated. Thanks
  5. Marco

    Is this "This Charming Man" appearance on French TV widely know?

    UPDATE: This is the whole version of the appearance on the Belgium TV program, Generation 80. From Passions Just Like Mine: "(December?) 1983 - Generation 80 (Belgium) This Charming Man This lipsynched performance was recorded but never broadcast. It was meant to be broadcast on 19 December...
  6. Marco

    Update on the All The Young People 7" single

    I ordered through Moby Dick the single "All the young people must fall in love" 7". I did it around May 2nd and in the first e-mail I questioned them about availability this was the answer: "Yes [the single is available]. No problem. This item is not in stock and has a delivery time of 5-10...
  7. Marco

    Morrissey's Kill Uncle turned 27 last March 4: after all this time what are your opinions on it?

    The abum was widely criticized at the time of its release and since then is always voted as one of this worst álbum. I was listening to Kill Uncle, something I haven't done for quite a while and I was surprised that so many people hates it. From 10 tracks, I think at least 7 are good ones and I...
  8. Marco

    NME's 15 best albums from Manchester features 3 Smiths albums

    The 15 Greatest Manchester Albums Ever - NME Excerpt: 12. The Smiths – ‘Strangeways, Here We Come’ 6. The Smiths – ‘Louder Than Bombs’ 1. The Smiths – ‘The Queen Is Dead’
  9. Marco

    Spent The Day In Bed and Jacky Is Only Happy singles à venda no Brasil

    Se você está no Brasil confira as ofertas dos singles Spent The Day in Bed - Jacky Is Only Happy -...
  10. Marco

    Russel Brand on Morrissey in a new NME interview

    Russell Brand on his Hammersmith Apollo show, addiction, book number four, Noel and Corbyn - NME Excerpt: "What’s your relationship with Morrissey like? Can you be yourself around him? “Not really. I try to be, but in a way meeting Morrissey is like meeting the avatar to my adolescent self...
  11. Marco

    "I Wish You Lonely" email marketing / pop up shop details; ltd test pressings (London/LA Nov. 17-19)

    Besides confirming Wish You Lonely as the next single the e-mail Mkt brought News about exclusivities in the Pop Up Shops: "I Wish You Lonely" Available Now + Album Launch Pop-Ups New track from Low in High School, the second to be taken from the record, "I Wish You Lonely"is out now as an...
  12. Marco

    Argentinian date is sold out
  13. Marco

    Anybody selling original Smiths 12"?

    If you have Smiths original 12 and wants to sell it PM me with list and price. I want to buy all of them, but wants to buy the more I manage to from a single person. Regards, Marco
  14. Marco

    Webcast of Morrissey Concert in São Paulo 11-03-2012

    As promissed check the download at Please read the text before downloading due to codec problems. Hope you can enjoy. :o
  15. Marco

    São Paulo's Morrissey Concert to be broadcasted by Terra on Sunday

    As previously mentioned here, the Morrissey concert in São Paulo, on sunday will be broadcasted by Terra ( Im not sure if it will be available for users outside Brasil, but it worth trying. The broadcast will be in High Definition (it depends the speed connection of the user)...
  16. Marco

    Tickets for Sao Paulo are now sold out

    The XYZ Live producer informed today that the tickets for Morrissey concert in Sao Paulo are sold out. Link is from G1 news site. Espaço das Américas is a 10000 venue capacity. Ingressos para show de Morrissey em São Paulo estão esgotados - Belo Horizonte has 70% of tickets sold as...
  17. Marco

    Tickets Brazil

    Tickets for Morrissey Concerts in Brazil are already on sale for São Paulo and Rio through Belo Horizonte tickets will go on sale from February 14th) through Confirmed dates are now: 7 march - Belo Horizonte - Chevrolet Hall...
  18. Marco

    Morrissey's YOR release on Brasil (Veja Magazine)

    As sent on News section, here is the scan of the magazine for those interested on it and the translation for english. Hope Morrissey comes to Brasil on this tour... last time of incredible gigs was in 2000. He has a very strong fan base here, so he should come. cheers, Marco. "In the 80's...
  19. Marco

    Demonoid Invitation code

    Hi, anyone has a demonoid invitation code. Public registration is closed, so I need an invitation code. Anyone can help me? If you want you can send it to my email at: [email protected]
  20. Marco

    Some requests as Im ready to take requests also

    Hi, I need some Morrissey TV performances this year... From Album Chart Show: "The Youngest Was the Most Loved" From 4Music Presents: "You Have Killed" (But if anyone have a file with the complete performance I would take it as well Excellent quality videos are preferred. I compiled to...
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