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  1. fredkocherpepsi

    Morrissey shirts for sale

    Hi! Selling some things on Depop including several official Moz tour shirts
  2. fredkocherpepsi

    Where is this WPINOYB reissue?

    It's almost November.
  3. fredkocherpepsi

    Bona Drag 2xLP reissue

    It's been a while, guys! Just found out about this today and thought maybe someone would be interested.
  4. fredkocherpepsi

    World Peace Is None Of Your Business: 1 year later

    If I recall correctly, it was a year ago this week where most of us first heard this album (and the bonus tracks) when it leaked, prior to getting our preorders. What are people's thoughts? Has your mind changed? I honestly still listen to it a couple times a week, and haven't stopped since...
  5. fredkocherpepsi

    Ceremony "The L Shaped Man" out 19 May These two songs are great.
  6. fredkocherpepsi

    Happy birthday to "Viva Hate" and "Vauxhall and I"

    Released on this day in 1988 and 1994, respectively. Both two of his best. Today is a great day in Morrissey history, I bet the show tonight is great!
  7. Bluebirds

    Marr to release Depeche Mode cover 7" with "Please Please Please..." live B-side

    For record store day I Feel You no less Johnny Marr will release a cover of Depeche Mode’s I Feel You for Record Store Day. Listen and read more: Johnny Marr To Release Depeche Mode Cover For Record Store Day - Excerpt: The single will be packaged up with a live...
  8. fredkocherpepsi

    Happy 6th Birthday to "Years of Refusal" Growing up so fast.
  9. fredkocherpepsi

    Dark Blue (ffo Joy Division, punk, post-punk, goth)

    Philadelphia area trio. Great stuff. This album on the newly resurrected Jade Tree records is great. I slept on this (came out a couple months ago) but glad I got into it in time for year end list time :)
  10. fredkocherpepsi

    new Title Fight album "Hyperview" in February ffo: shoegaze, 90's emo In 2011 they released the best album that year (Shed) In 2012 they released the best album THAT year (Floral Green) In 2013 they released the best EP THAT year! (Spring Songs) From the sounds of the first single, 2015 will continue the trend. Unless Moz does a new...
  11. fredkocherpepsi

    I joined a band - Easy Creatures (ffo Samiam, Jawbox, Dag Nasty, etc)

    Figured I’d share and maybe one of those anonymous folks that always seems to know what’s up as far as hc/punk goes will enjoy. I’m super excited to be working with them. This is my first time behind the microphone in a decade. Featuring members of Jade Tree alum Railhed and Walleye. They have...
  12. fredkocherpepsi

    Decemberists “What a Terrible World, What A Beautiful World”

    January 20, 2015 Ironically the preorders are from My Play Direct. I like the new song. I’ll grab the record when it comes out, from a local shop.
  13. fredkocherpepsi

    GIVE (for fans of Dischord records, melodic hardcore/punk, SWIZ)

    New album is streaming now on band camp and Spotify. It’s solid! Available for preorder here:
  14. fredkocherpepsi

    “Your Arsenal” vinyl reissue question

    I’m sorry if this has been discussed/answered on here before, but I couldn’t find it. I was looking at my copy this morning and realized that even though it’s a gatefold with a slot for a lyric sheet, there’s nothing in there. Just the album in a black sleeve on one side and nothing in the...
  15. fredkocherpepsi

    Morrissey / The Smiths books

    Yesterday at a local bookshop in town I grabbed "Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance" for $5.95 from a clearance bin. I also finally got the paperback of "A Light That Never Goes Out". What's the consensus on these??
  16. A

    New Morrissey interview at iOnline (Portuguese, published Sep. 30, 2014)

    UPDATE 11:20 PM PT: Full interview is up. Morrissey. "O mundo não consegue lidar com a proximidade entre homens, mas aceita que se matem" - iOnline Por Tiago Pereira publicado em 30 Set 2014 - 05:00 An anonymous person writes: Available tomorrow, but there's a snipit. Morrissey. "O mundo...
  17. fredkocherpepsi

    Seven shirts Morrissey should have made Maybe in the next batch? :)
  18. fredkocherpepsi

    Descendents/ all thread

    I know there was some talk in another thread about them, but I wanted to put this out there: Filmage is finally going to be available for digital download/DVD/Blu Ray! I saw this at a screening last year and it just just awesome.
  19. fredkocherpepsi

    The Vaselines New album in a couple weeks. I bit the bullet and preordered the signed red version and the 7”. Finally got to see them a few years ago when they toured on their last album. Hoping they come around again.
  20. fredkocherpepsi

    Add an indicator for new posts when you hit submit

    I know some forums have this. If you reply to a post and someone has since typed something, it actually asks if you want to review your post before moving forward. I’ve noticed a lot of times I’ll miss posts because I didn’t notice someone posting something while I was posting my reply (this...
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