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  1. Stevie

    Your fave Smiths cover?

    Here's mine. There are two versions, I prefer this one. The energy they put out, coupled with Gaz's delightful vocal, the killer production. Perfection! :thumb:
  2. Stevie

    Mint Peepholism for sale

  3. Stevie

    Peepholism worth?

    Hi guys, just another ready to sell a softie version of Peepholism. Any idea what a mint copy is worth these days? Thanks.
  4. Stevie

    Caught on camera in the audience?

    Anyone here been caught on any of the official shows? If so, details please!! :)
  5. Stevie

    Your favourite Smiths/Moz cover?

    For me, no contest, Supergrass doing Some Girls. This has GOT to be one of Gaz's finest deliveries, the energy of the band, everything, perfection. Did anyone here see them perform this? Holy feck, would've died to have seen this when they toured here back in the 90s.
  6. Stevie

    Will Moz ever make Aussie again?

    Saw him on the '02 tour, somehow I doubt never again. Anyone here made it to any of those shows?
  7. Stevie

    500 Days of Summer

    It's just being reviewed here on TV. It looks revolting but that soundtrack looks irresistable. I guess its a wait for TV then.
  8. Stevie

    Anyone here ever met the man?

    Just wondered your impressions whether before the show, backstage, signings etc. Also if he has changed much towards his fans during the last few years as well. If I ever had the chance to meet him I'd love to plonk my 12" collection into his lap, see his reaction, and get him to sign every...
  9. Stevie

    The Windmills of Your Mind - Original Version

    I've always loved the Dusty version but the original I have to say is terrible. It seems phrased all wrong and hurried, I just can't take it :barf:
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