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  1. osiris

    For Sale 2 GA Floor Tickets Lawrence,KS

    I'm selling 2 GA Floor tickets to the show in Lawrence,KS. I'm asking for face value + fees/taxes. I only want what I paid for them. I accept Pay Pal only. PM me if interested.
  2. osiris

    For Sale 2 GA Tickets for Lincoln

    I have 2 GA Dance Floor tickets to the Lincoln, NE show for sale at face value + fees/taxes. I only want what I paid for them. I only accept Pay Pal. PM me if interested.
  3. osiris

    Beaumont ticket needed

    I'm looking for a front row ticket for the show in Beaumont, TX I've looked on all the broker sites like Stub Hub etc. but the best I've seen is Orchestra Center Row C. Does anyone have one to sell or know where I could get one?
  4. osiris

    Selling 1 Ticket for San Antonio

    I have one third row center seat for the San Antonio show if anyone needs one. PM me and we can work out details. Thanks! The ticket is still available to anyone interested. I'm negotiable on price I just need to sell it!!
  5. osiris

    Chris Knox

    Does anyone have any of his music that would be willing to upload? I have the album YES!!! if anyone interested in that one.
  6. osiris


    Does anyone know where I can find albums by Reavsey? It's a one man band I believe from the U.K. that I discovered on Myspace. I've looked on the recordstore u.k. & ebay sites but found nothing.
  7. osiris

    THe Cure Austin,TX 2008

    Here's The Cure show in Austin,TX June 8, 2008 @ The Austin Music Hall. It's a rather good audience recording of the full show. The Cure 2008-06-08 Austin Music Hall Austin, TX Taped and transferred by atxwolfattack Edited, tracked, and seeded by leehookem21 Source: Church Audio...
  8. osiris

    Need help finding a bootleg

    I've been looking for the Morrissey bootleg from the New Orleans show on November 10, 1992 @ The State Palace Theatre. According to Passions, there is a copy out there but I can't locate it. That was my first Morrissey show & would like to find it for that reason. Thanks!
  9. osiris

    Missing Songs

    I'm looking for the songs Boy Racer from the Kalamazoo, MI show September 23, 1997 & The Smiths Barbarism Begins At Home from the Dubliln show on November 13, 1984. My files are damaged & these songs are needed to complete the shows. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  10. osiris

    The Cure Live in Bercy 2008

    Here is The Cure show live in Bercy 2008. I'm trying to post the shows that I can find from the 4Tour. It seems that on The Cure's fan sites, they want you to trade for shows unlike here on solo. Anyway, enjoy!
  11. osiris

    The Cure live 2008 U.S.

    Does anyone know where I can get a bootleg of one of the U.S. shows from this year?
  12. osiris

    Question about Morrissey ep.

    Can anyone tell me something about a Morrissey self titled promo ep from Austrailia? I know a few things about it like the track names and the year it was released (1990.) That is about all I know. Is it a rare record? I checked on Passions but there is no mention of it at all. I'm assuming...
  13. osiris

    Bigmouth Strikes Again

    Is it true that some of the first UK pressings of Bigmouth Strikes Again were autographed by Morrissey?
  14. osiris

    Visiting Amsterdam

    We'll I'm leaving for Amsterdam next Friday. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there are any good record stores there that I should be aware of. Of course I'll be on the hunt for Moz & Smiths vinyl. I'm also intrested in knowing what else I should check out while I'm there. I know...
  15. osiris

    A Nice Bit Of Meat

    I just got The Smiths boot "A Nice Bit Of Meat." I was just wondering if all of these boots have plain labels on the record with no track info on them. One side of mine has a solid red label & the other is solid gold. Also, the cover is like a big sticker stuck to a plain white sleeve. Are all...
  16. osiris

    Girl In A Coma

    Girl In A Coma is playing in Dallas March 16 @ Poor David's Pub. Tickets are $10. It's a benefit show to raise money for abandoned pet rescue. The other bands that will be performing are Tile @ 5pm, Lisa Dewey @ 6pm, Jen Foster @ 7pm & Girl In A Coma @ 8pm. Come out and support the girls and...
  17. osiris


    Can anyone recommend a really great sounding boot that has the song Maladjusted on it?
  18. osiris

    New York Oct. 26 2007 @ Hammerstein

    Does anyone have this show to share? I have found all the other New York shows but not this one.
  19. osiris

    Stage Invaiders In Merrillville, Indiana

    Does anyone have photos or video of the stage invaiders in Merrillville, Indiana? I was one of the lucky ones & would love to have a photo or video if there is one out there.
  20. osiris

    New Tour Dates For The Cure

    The Cure has just released the new dates for the 2008 tour. Since the 2007tour was cancelled, 3 new dates have been included in the 2008 tour (Austin, Cleveland, & Pheonix.) Go to for all the new dates.
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