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    Any Philadelphia pre or after parties?

    Anyone getting together tonight to drown our sorrows in Philly?
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    Looky likey?

    I'm looking for a Moz looky likey for my husbands birthday. Brighton. Any recommendations?
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    "Autobiography" by Morrissey - reviews and media - part 3

    Re: Article: "Autobiography" by Morrissey - reviews and media - part 3 oh shut up. IS what he is!!! he does not need picking apart....he is a beautiful genius talking in his own voice. \I L:OVED this book even though he shows himself up a but...but he IS the man!! it really is in...
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    "Morrissey 25: Live" film review by Stephen Dalton - The Hollywood Reporter

    come back to Camden (ie England!). I loved him however foolish he may be...
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    Tony Visconti on Morrissey's current recording situation

    i dont want him to sign but i do want to see him. his recent albums are very patchy if we are truthful..2 or 3 decent songf...whj does he have to keep churning out new stuff? he's done his bit...we all love him...we just want to see him...i dont want to have to listen to bollolks he has...
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    "Morrissey hasn't changed" by Mark Simpson - The Spectator

    I think we are often over protective and fearful to criticise but truth is this IS a good article. Our Moz DOES say some crap things but we stick by him. Just because he is who he is does not mean he cannot be a twat on ocassion. and yeah it IS embarassing....BUT we also respect him because he...
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    hop farms

    so i bought FOUR tickets thinking SOMEONE would want to come but I ahve tickets burnign hole on my pocket and happy to give to TRUE fans for reduced price..... any interest?
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    Statement from Morrissey on True To You

    I'm disappointed in his behaviour and his obvious desire to "make the charts" which drives him to do this sort of media tour. He should stick to his principles. And why does he wants to release all this old stuff again and again? True fans have got all this and it makes me feel slightly...
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    Worthing on FRiday

    you know how it goes....if I wanted to be miserable I'd slash my wrists..ha haha...yeah original!! never heard THAT before! well I AM going on my own...anyone else I can meet up with and have drink with so I dont feel like a total saddo billy no mates? PS I am a normal...
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    ps I live in South england
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    I am a single woman of 46 who has loved the Mozz all my life. I would like to find a man around my age who would like to share the next Mozza gig.... he must be articulate, grown up, able to read and write and ready to enjoy the compnay of a fesity woman who is a real Moz fan. I am not a fat...
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    Birthday party for Moz

    Is anyone organising borthday celeberations fo rthe Great man in May?
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