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    Least favourite songs from each Moz solo album?

    Viva Hate - The Ordinary Boys Kill Uncle - Driving Your Girlfriend Home Your Arsenal - Certain People I Know Vauxhall and I - Billy Budd Southpaw Grammar - The Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils Maladjusted - Papa Jack You Are The Quarry - You Know I Couldn't Last Ringleader of the Tormentors -...
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    What are your ten favorite Morrissey songs of all-time (from his entire catalog) ?

    Going by number of plays again.. I'm OK By Myself Something is squeezing my skull All you need is me Irish Blood, English Heart Everyday is like sunday Glamorous glue Suedehead I have forgiven Jesus Dear God please help me Ouija Board, Ouija Board
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    Pick your favourite song from each of Morrissey's 10 Studio Albums

    I'm going with most plays here. Almost everyone goes through a roller coaster of phases concerning their favorite songs after all. Viva Hate - Hairdresser on Fire Kill Uncle - Asian Rut Your Arsenal - Glamorous Glue Vauxhall and I - The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get Southpaw Grammar -...
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    The Hits That Weren't

    Istanbul was released as a "single", albeit only digital.
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    "Istanbul" chart update -

    I have completely missed out on "Istanbul" being released as a single somehow. Then again I mainly only check TTY...why was there no accouncement whatsoever about the release of this single there?
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    Satellite Of Love: formats can be pre-ordered now - TTY

    For the digital the remaster of "YGNSOYS" worth the 1,29€ or is it missable?
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    David Morrissey on Morrissey's "Autobiography"

    Re: David Morrissey on Morrissey's "Autobiography" Has it yet been commented how the parts about Jake have not been read out in the audiobook? I noticed they weren't even written on the US version of the book but that's quite another thing, I believe. I wonder what was the issue with...
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    "Satellite Of Love" (live) released (UK digital download, Dec. 2, 2013)

    Can somebody tell me where can this digital release be downloaded from? Perhaps the original post could then be edited to include this link for everyone to dispose from.
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    David Morrissey to voice "Autobiography" audio book -

    The post displayed above would be mine. Could someone answer the question(s)?
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    David Morrissey to voice "Autobiography" audio book -

    Will he be reading it word by word literally or is it some shorter edited version? P.S. New to audiobooks and posting on the boards, be kind.
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    Thread for Bootleg Concerts- soundboard, VG audience only

    Great stuff. "Cosmic Dancer" seems to be missing from the Costa Mesa bootleg though?
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