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    Selling My London O2 Ticket

    Hello, I've decided to sell my London ticket. I want to fund a trip to Krakow to see him there instead. If anyone wants it, I paid £65 for it and just want face value. Thanks.
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    Joe Moss' email address

    Does anyone know where I can find Joe Moss' email address to request interview time with Marr please?
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    Cash T-Shirt Wanted

    Hi, I've been trying to get hold of one of those Morrissey/Cash t-shirts but everywhere appears sold out. Anyone got one they wanna sell?
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    swap seated for standing tickets? MEN gig

    Hi, i have 2 seated tickets. i would like to swap either one or both for standing. Anyone interested?
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    Morrissey on al Assad, Obama and UN

    Hi, you lot will probably know all the information in this but I thought I'd post it anyway so that you can share it around. I have written a short blog post gathering together Morrissey's latest round of political musings. I still find the man fascinating in a music world full of idiots...
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    MEN gig - swap seated for standing tickets?

    Hi, I have 2 seated tickets (details below) and I am looking to swap them for 2 standing. Anyone interested can PM me or email me at [email protected] Block 113 Row R From 20 To 21
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    Lisbon - a new Manchester band

    Hello, me and my band LISBON have just recorded an EP. I would be so grateful if some of you could take the time to listen and give me some feedback. I am here because I presume most of you have impeccable music taste! The link below is to a stream/free download of the EP. Thank you...
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    Hungry Pigeon Festival

    Hello, I recently attended Manchester's HUNGRY PIGEON festival. It happens every year on the May bank holiday weekend and it is really starting to grow. This year was the 2nd year the event has taken place and it is a great way to check out emerging talent in Manchester. If you buy a weekend...
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    Bear In Heaven

    not sure how many morrissey-soloers are into the current brooklyn music 'scene' but the latest band from there to hit the uk are a band called BEAR IN HEAVEN. they are very good indeed. i caught thier gig at the deaf institute last week and i have reviewed it on my blo. there is also a review of...
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    British Sea Power - manchester

    hello, i went to see british sea power on monday in manchester. they were fantastic and there is a review for anybody who is interested on my blog (link below).
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    The Magnetic Fields

    i was at a fantastic gig a few weeks ago and thought i would share my words. anyone who isn't familiar with thier work should check them out.
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    The Smiths Indeed - Manchester Academy 3

    did anyone go and see this dross......
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    I Am Blackbird

    Hello, I am a regular listener of new manchester bands and on friday i saw something very good and wanted to share it. they are a great band called I Am Blackbird. unfortunately, thier recordings don't match the live sound so you can't really get a feel for them unless you go and see them. i...
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    Morrissey Hotel (re-mastered)

    hello, thanks to everybody who liked Morrissey Hotel. i have done a revised edition which includes some of your suggestions. it can be found here; there is also a little article on morrissey too.
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    Morrissey Hotel (suggestions wanted)

    Hello, we are Bollard Construction Limited and we are the creators of the world’s first Morrissey Hotel, a unique complex located in Manchester, England. Opened in 2009 and costing over £117m to create, it took 2 years to complete the construction of this 5 star attraction. It is hoped that...
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    does anybody else love Beirut? they are the only thing that can stop me from listening to morrissey at the moment.
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    Interesting Drug cover version

    nice cover here.....
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    Perfect Morrissey Line-up????

    if you had to pick the ultimate morrissey line-up, what would it be? you can have anyone he has worked with post-smiths (not rourke, joyce or gannon though!) here's mine; Morrissey (vocals) Alain Whyte (guitar & backing vocals) Boz Boorer (guitar) Solomon Walker (bass) Matt Walker...
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    swap sitting for standing??

    hello, i have a seated ticket for sat in manchester. would anybody care to swap it for a standing?? PM if you do.....
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    Manchester ticket pleeeeeaassee

    hello, i am desperate for a (preferably standing) ticket for fri or sat in manchester. please PM me or e-mail me if you can help. thanks [email protected]
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